Say goodbye to localized fat with laserlipolysis

Written by: Dra. Maria José Barba Martínez
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Every day more people want to get rid of localized fat face and body, resistant to any diet. Not surprisingly, liposuction is one of the most common procedures of cosmetic surgery today.

The use of new medical technologies, such as lasers in operating theaters, has redefined the traditional lipoplasty technique, resulting in a new, better tolerated and with excellent results, such as laser-assisted liposuction or laserlipolysis less invasive procedure.

This procedure is indicated for removal of localized fat in small areas of the face and body, such as double chin, arms, or the inside of the knee, difficult to treat with traditional liposuction. Laser lipolysis figure defines redefines the body contour, corrects irregularities and asymmetries and get a tensioning effect unobtainable with conventional surgery.


How does the laserlipolysis?

Through a small incision in the skin, a thin tube containing an optical fiber of micron diameter laser energy delivering precise and direct manner in tissue, reaching the fat cell is introduced. The doctor identifies the area of ​​treatment by a laser light guide which can be seen to be through the skin.

Thermal effect acts, breaking the membranes of the fat cells and liquefying its content. The semi-liquid fat can be easily removed or metabolized and eliminated naturally by the body, in the case of small amounts. The heat generated by the laser energy also coagulates blood vessels, collagen restructuring, improves the elasticity of the skin and promotes tissue contraction of the treated areas. Being a minimally invasive technique, the aesthetic results are excellent and the postoperative minimum.


What are the benefits?

- Minimally invasive treatment.- Ideal for treating localized fat tissue on face and body areas.- A solution for the treatment of irregularities of the tissue.- Requires local anesthesia and tumescent.- Minimum edema and bleeding.- Less tissue trauma.- Shorter and less postoperative pain.- Better skin tightening.- No hospitalization.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Maria José Barba Martínez
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Barba Martinez meets his 30-year career; is an expert in female intimate surgery, facial and body tension wires, laser blepharoplasty mastology addition to other treatments, such as capillaries. He has completed many related to their specialty, lectured at national and international studies, and is at the forefront of new techniques, some pioneers like female intimate surgery in Spain (ginecoestética).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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