Discover Orthoapnea, the solution for apnea and snoring

Written by: Dra. Teresa Santoyo García
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Orthoapnea® solves the problems caused by snoring and apneas or hypopneas due to poor airflow through the pharynx.

What is sleep apnea?

Specialists in Dentistry and Stomatology defines sleep apnea as a common disorder that is caused by poor airflow through the pharynx. The person suffering makes a stop in breathing that can last from several seconds to several minutes.

This apnea ends with a loud snore and for this reason the passing of a deep sleep to light sleep phase, as the patient wakes up constantly during the night. Therefore, sleep is of poor quality and the patient is usually with often tired during the day, unable to rest properly at night.

This disorder affects 4% of the population and can sometimes be severe, because apnea patients untreated have higher rates of mortality, since they are 4 times more likely to suffer accidents at work and traffic, and quality life is substantially reduced.


How the system works Orthoapnea®?

The device is based essentially cause mandibular advancement in a regulated manner, thereby pulling the tongue and tissues that block the pharynx closed. Thus opens the airway and snoring and apnea are avoided.

The device combining two splints tailored (one in the upper jaw and the other in the jaw) using a titanium screw that allows went really regulate the mandibular position.

Orthoapnea, advantages

Orthoapnea® is a device that meets all of those devices are improvements for its high effectiveness and tolerance. Laterality, openness and millimeter controlled progress, together in one device is the key to a new generation of intraoral appliances you have in Orthoapnea®, your best proposal.

Since it is made ​​to measure, guarantees a perfect adaptation to each patient, the only device that can talk, drink, and all kinds of movimientosb during use (laterality, progress and openness). Furthermore, when the patient opens his mouth, jaw further forward, thus increasing the opening of the airway.

The other alternatives for the treatment of apnea, or are more cumbersome, as in the case of CPAP (continuous positive pressure airway) or more aggressive and invasive surgical alternatives such as. Therefore Orthoapnea® is by far the more comfortable and less invasive treatment.


Effectiveness Orthoapnea

Orthoapnea® represents the latest generation of devices and is the only proven solution to treat snoring because it reduces snoring by 45% and sleep apnea by 54%. Its effectiveness has been proven in several clinical studies and currently is the device used, tested and recommended by the main units of sleep of the leading hospitals in Spain.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dra. Teresa Santoyo García

By Dra. Teresa Santoyo García

Dr. Santoyo is an expert dentist dedicated to providing the best quality cosmetic dentistry to their patients. It offers its expertise and professional quality in clinical Nucia Clinic (La Nucia, Alicante) and Dental Clinic Manises (Manises, Valencia), where the profession as an "art" and "science" are taken. Professional and academic trajectory of this doctor makes it a first-rate professional. He has also participated in numerous conferences and lectures.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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