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Written by: Dr. Alfonso Malet i Casajuana
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Atopic dermatitis is a genetic disease that affects the skin. Emotional stress, allergies to pollen, colds, dry skin or contact with certain materials are factors that can cause the appearance of eczema and itching that sting a lot and influence the quality of life of children.


What is the atopic dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis is a genetic disease that preferentially affects the epidermis, causes a lot of itching on the skin and can occur, and is more frequent in young children, in infants, from the second month of life, can occur in children and less often in adults.


Who is affected by atopic dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis preferentially affects children especially when they have a family history of allergy and affects children predisposed environmentally, food or immunologically.


What factors cause it?

The factors that can cause atopic dermatitis are multiple. Food factors are increasingly well known and therefore it is increasingly recommended to introduce food after breastfeeding , exclusively during the first 6 months, to avoid the appearance of food sensitization phenomena.. Also, substances that are in the environment can cause development of cutaneous symptoms. And finally, the immunological diseases or disorders that depress this system and can cause outbreaks, episodes of atopic dermatitis.

atopic dermatitis
Atopic dermatitis affects children especially and requires a lot of care 

Is eczema the only alteration of the skin?

Eczema is the predominant symptom of atopic dermatitis. This eczema is very characteristic. In young children it begins in the area of ​​the folds of the extremities, causes a lot of itching, itching is a symptom that really upsets the quality of life of children and these eczema in some cases can be superinfected and cause quite severe complications. Also, in some cases, dermatitis can become widespread and affect the entire skin and also cause acute episodes of a lot of itching and much discomfort for these children. Eczema is the predominant symptom but, it is known that for many years the atopic dermatitis was called "skin asthma" and was so named, because it was known that after the skin symptoms could start respiratory symptoms, it is quite common that Children who start with atopic dermatitis in the future may develop bronchial asthma.


What treatment is advised to patients suffering from atopic dermatitis?

The first and most fundamental treatment is hydration. With atopic dermatitis there is a lack of hydration in the epidermis that usually causes a lot of itching. It is intended to produce the maximum comfort in the skin through maximum hydration, topical treatments with emollient gels and in some cases medications to reduce itching, which is one of the most annoying symptoms for these patients.. Finally, the causes that have caused this atopic dermatitis are analyzed and if the cause is of a food type, the food that is causing this symptomatology is replaced.


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By Dr. Alfonso Malet i Casajuana
Allergy & Immunology

Dr. Malet is a renowned specialist in Pediatric Allergy and extensive experience. He has worked in diverse and renowned children's hospitals, becoming head of the Children's Hospital of Barcelona and Head of the Allergy Unit of drug Corachán 2 and Sagrada Familia in Barcelona clinics. Currently he is the Medical Director of the Center of Allergology Allergo Centre of Barcelona. It is m ember of the National Commission of Allergology and full member of various medical societies.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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