Decalogue of recommendations for choosing a sperm bank

Written by: Dra. Rocío Núñez Calonge
Edited by: Top Doctors®

spermatozoon way to ovulate Given the risks that exist in relation to the sale of home sperm from sperm banks from other countries it is via Internet, I have prepared a Decalogue to receive donations of semen guarantees.

You need to remember that home artificial insemination is not covered by the Spanish rules of human reproduction (as it does not guarantee donor anonymity and allows choosing their physical traits), which deprives patients of the health guarantees needed to undergo assisted reproduction treatment.

These guarantees include the gynecological examination, assessment of the quality of sperm prior to insemination, practice in an accredited quality and safety required by the Spanish and European law center as well as the existence of liability insurance.

Also, the SEF chairman, Dr. Agustin Ballesteros says they are working in collaboration with the Association for the Study of Reproductive Biology (ASEBIR) and the Spanish Association of Andrology (ASESA) to end this practice "very risky, it does not guarantee pregnancy and works only in 1 in 20 cases and carries risks ".


Choosing a sperm bank

  • The sperm bank must be accredited by the Administration and the approved centers guarantee the quality and safety of the process.
  • It must have qualified personnel and experienced.
  • You have to ensure the proper handling of frozen semen samples, since liquid nitrogen is dangerous.
  • Must provide assurance of biosafety of the semen sample.
  • You have to have semen samples with an adequate number of motile sperm to achieve pregnancy.
  • You should respect the anonymity of the donor and the patient. Otherwise, the filiation of the child is in danger.
  • You have to maintain traceability of the sample.
  • Donors accepted in the Bank have to pass a series of medical tests to ensure a state of good physical health, in addition to a previous psychological study.
  • The selection of a suitable donor must be performed by a medical team, in terms of both physical characteristics such as clinics.
*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Rocío Núñez Calonge
Fertility Specialty

Dr. Núñez Calonge is a leading embryologist who practices in Assisted Reproduction since 1985. He is responsible for the Laboratory of Andrology, Embryology and Sperm Bank of Tambre Clinic, of which he is assistant director. He is an international consultant for Assisted Reproduction Centers, is a member of various scientific committees and coordinates the Group of Ethics and Good Clinical Practice Spanish Fertility Society. He combines his professional practice with his role as a teacher.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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