Mouth care from the age of 65

Written by: Dra. Fe Galera Molero
Edited by: Top Doctors®

In old age, should extreme measures of hygiene and oral care to avoid common problems.

Age brings some special care, even in the teeth. In the elderly, the most common problems are:• dental caries (mainly neck and root of the tooth)• periodontal disease• oral cancer• lack of saliva• altered sense of taste


Treatment oral problems in older people

As treatment, reinforcing the control measures plate (interproximal brushes, irrigators, regular cleanings), the use of fluorides (especially cervical), the (most important salivary stimulation, proper fluid intake is necessary ), dietary advice, controlling habits (snuff, alcohol) and correct adaptation of the prosthesis.

For elderly experts Dentistry and Stomatology recommend extreme measures of hygiene, mouth and never use for any other purpose other than chewing or fonatorios logically (not open base plates or cut wires ...) and, of course , while wearing dentures, always remove them to sleep and store clean and dry and ventilated container.


Prevention of Oral Problems

For these problems of a mouth elderly do not appear, or to delay its onset, we must give utmost importance to preventive treatments, mainly hygiene and proper use of fluorides, and never forget the review and adjustment of the prosthesis regular dentist (at least one per year) queries.

Furthermore, it is important to note and remember, that whenever any injury is in the mouth (tongue, cheeks, lips ...) you should see a dentist, especially if we look to last more than 15 days without cure spontaneously. He will try to determine the cause of this and thus eliminate the injury, or diagnose it in time to dispose least invasive possible.

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By Dra. Fe Galera Molero

Dr. Galera Molero is a renowned dentist, specializing in geriatric dentistry. In addition, he has focused his career on the oral health of the elderly, which applies the latest technologies in dentistry at the Mediterranean Clinic Murcia. He also specializes in endodontics and restorative dentistry. She graduated in Dentistry from the University of Murcia, certified Research Aptitude from the same university. It also has various degrees and diplomas in Geriatrics and Gerodontology and Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry. Moreover, note that a doctorate in dentistry from the University of Murcia. It is active in several associations dedicated to dentistry member, and has also participated in numerous conferences nationally and internationally.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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