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Written by: Dr. Luis Miguel Benito de Benito
Published: | Updated: 08/11/2018
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It is not a matter of aesthetics, or that fashion magazines make ostentation of more than spandrels models; It is that in developed countries we have plenty of weight. Nor is it necessary to go to extremes image showing the magazines, and that border with the pathological. It is to be healthy and stay at a weight that promotes health and minimize the time causes wear on living organisms. We all age.

You have to know age. Because aging is also live.

In the program Saber Vivir, let commenting daily different aspects related to health: heart, joints, brain, digestive system , urinary problems, etc.. Each program is different , but in most of them and reiterative way overweight mention is made The extra kilos increase the frequency and severity of many diseases. Tumor, brain, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, endocrine system, ...

Eat Healthy weight control

Within the vagaries of health news, -in which chocolate is good now and before was bad, or that the wine was healthy or if instead is now a poison, or whether the bread is vital or mortal - there is a certainty that no doubt is not good to be overweight. Another thing is that they are overweight take you with better or worse mood but it seems that everyone agrees that it is better not to have those extra kilos.

Food fads tend both to extol prodigious food and sometimes exotic (if soursop, blueberries or moringa, that if goji berries or chia seeds), as to demonize food "usual" such as bread and wine, milk or cereal, cocoa or coffee and sugar. Are just that, fads, which is subject to our view and now and tomorrow will be otherwise.

The ups and downs of those findings also affect medications such as aspirin or paracetamol. Even the water you crave some that are harmful if not "alkaline" (such as batteries) or "magnet" (I guess advantage that is a polar molecule?). After all these proposals (of course backed by "scientific" articles) recommend the use or prohibition of certain foods or nutritional supplements, there are many interests and some common sense.


How to lose weight

Many journals publish miraculous recipes and healthy diets, being the most sought what thins. And finally I decided to reveal the real secret to losing weight. A secret that always works: the remedy for weight loss is not eating.

You will say that everyone knows; then, why hardly anyone does it promote? Is it because it is a cheap measure that no business is done? Is it because it can lead to a fast? Some who are crushed in gyms with more rigor than a thousand hair shirts and disciplines, would not rise for matins to raise his spirit but will run at dawn to cultivate his body.

The problem of not eating is twofold: first you usually go hungry, very hungry, at least initially. And second, it can lead to malnutrition and lead to dangerous situations. For this reason, medical supervision is always recommended, especially when significant weight loss aims.

These two problems "do not eat" have been listed in order of appearance: before hunger and discomfort arises from not eating that problems of malnutrition. Until malnutrition is usually margin, while hunger ... no day passes without scratching the guts.

So, we can face the solution of overweight from a simple and inexpensive method: do not eat. But how we can "fool" the hungry?

Different remedies ranging from ascetic measures to chemical, arriving to propose deep sedation of patients for days, as an induction of coma. Controversial and sometimes true savagery measures. But they begin to develop others that may be sensible and promising. We'll see what give of themselves.

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Dr. Luis Miguel Benito de Benito

By Dr. Luis Miguel Benito de Benito

Dr. Luis Miguel Benito is an expert in the Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy at the Medical Surgical Center (Madrid). In addition, he exercises in his own clinic: Clinic Dr. Benito de Benito. In the past 15 years, it has performed more than 25,000 endoscopies. It is olaborador c medical radio and television forums and social networks; author of scientific publications and medical blog accounts with more than 20,000 visits per month.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection