When a circumcision is recommended for adults?

Written by: Dr. Ion Madina Albisua
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
Edited by: Roser Bernés Ubasos

Circumcision is the surgical act which is removed, all or part of the foreskin of the man. The foreskin is lining the glans and its main function is to establish the pH and the temperature inside right so keep sensitive soft damp. Although in recent decades, circumcision has been practiced for children under age three years past, today there are a large number of adults who should be performed.


When you should perform a circumcision on adults?

Adult circumcision for medical reasons is practiced in two situations:1. When the foreskin is too narrow and does not allow the glans to slide during erection and causing some pain. In this case we called phimosis.2. When the foreskin is too long and poor hygienic condition in the glans is generated, we call redundant prepuce.


What are the benefits? What consequences may lead in some cases to not do it ?

The benefit of practicing circumcision is more clear when the narrowing of the skin of the tip of the penis can not maintain satisfactory sex to incapacitate the retraction of the foreskin. In other cases, in addition to relieving pain, swelling of this part is avoided during urination.

circumcision The problems that can result from failure to perform a circumcision on time are different. In the sexual realm, it is the practice of painful intercourse and that, ultimately, involving some trauma and avoid practicing them. Furthermore, a narrowing of the skin increases the probability of generating fungi candida balanitis as called.

Rarely you can generate a very painful and urgent resolve box, called paraphimosis. This is that once the skin of the tip of the penis can not return to your site causing great discomfort down.


Will it affect the sensitivity of the penis? And when having sex?

In principle it does not influence the sensitivity, but during the first six months after performing a circumcision, the sensitivity will be adjusted and being compared to the previous situation. After a few months, the practice of sex should be full. In case you have any doubts or discomfort about it , we recommend visiting the andrologist to analyze the case.


What advice and care should follow the patient during the weeks?

The first two weeks after circumcision will be the most annoying. From this period the situation will be more controlled and will gradually normalizing.

At first, what is more surprising amount of nocturnal erections that stay and that will awaken the patient to be uncomfortable and unable to be avoided. Also surprising that during the first few weeks to ignite the tip of the glans by rubbing with underwear is frequent that miccione in a "shower", recommending that urinates sitting on the toilet.

At this stage it is very important to maintain proper hygiene and disinfection of the surgical site. Thus, they should be made water cures, soap and antiseptic, twice daily. From the third week they will be made once a day.

During the first three weeks, a wound dressing, mainly to go out and possible further protect microorganisms are also used.


Edited by Roser Berner Ubasos.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Ion Madina Albisua

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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