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Written by: Dra. Virginia Murcia Puchades
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The Dra. Murcia is a specialist in Otorhinolaryngology in Valencia that explains in this article what is the snoring, in addition to its causes, the possible treatments to combat it and how to prevent it.


Chronic snoring includes simple snoring and so-called Hypopnea Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAHS).

The simple snoring is a respiratory sound produced in the upper airways (nose and throat) without accompanying respiratory arrest also called apnea. It is produced by the vibration of the soft and flexible tissues in that area when it narrows.

The Hypopnea Sleep Apnea Syndrome or SAHS is that in which the patient, in addition to presenting simple snoring, suffers throughout the night of repeated stops or complete respiratory cessation (apneas) or incomplete or partial (hypopnea).


Patients suffering from snoring


The factors that predispose to snoring are: the position on the back of the bed, being male, having an advanced age, suffering from obesity, the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, the taking of relaxing medication or sleeping pills, and having a family history. of snoring.


Causes of snoring


The most frequent cause of snoring with or without apneas in children is the presence of a large size in the tonsils and adenoid vegetations.

In adults the most frequent cause is an increase in size and with it the flaccidity of the soft palate at the level of the uvula (bell) that is favored by obesity.

Also influenced by nasal respiratory difficulty and vibration of other pharyngeal areas.


The snoring includes everything from simple snoring to Sleep Apnea Syndrome


Treatment of snoring


Sometimes thinning, especially if accompanied by a healthy diet with suppression of sleeping pills and alcohol and tobacco are enough to eliminate the problem.

At other times, if the problem is located in a specific area, it can be solved with surgery, or radiofrequency of the nose or soft palate.

Patients who suffer from SAHS and can not be treated with surgery or radiofrequency should use a device called CPAP or device for positive continuous pressure of the respiratory tract to sleep.. It treats of a machine that administers a constant pressure of air to the mouth and the nose and that helps to keep open the airways avoiding the apneas or hipoapneas and their consequences.


Prevention of snoring


It can be prevented by avoiding favorable factors, avoid sleeping on your back (there are devices placed on your back that avoid this position), avoid obesity, alcohol and tobacco, as well as relaxing medication or sleeping pills.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Virginia Murcia Puchades

Dr. Murcia Puchades is a recognized otolaryngologist with more than 20 years of experience in the profession. She is the director of Clínica Otológica Murcia since 1992 and is also a specialist in the Otorhinolaryngology department of the Dr. Peset University Hospital . She is also a surgeon of the osseointegrated, middle ear and cochlear implant team, and is responsible for the Audiology Unit of the ENT Service, as well as the coordinator of the early detection program for childhood deafness in the same hospital. She is the co-author of numerous articles on her specialty in national and international scientific journals.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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