When recommending the bypass gastroileal

Written by: Dr. Joaquín Resa Bienzobas
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The gastroileal bypass is an ideal way to regulate metabolism so we also used to treat obesity such as type 2 diabetes associated with overweight technique. With this procedure, the amount of intestine that requires each patient to stay healthy losing weight you about and solving the pathologies associated as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels (dyslipidemia), hypertension, measured the sleep apnea, among others.

What is the bypass gastroileal

The bypass gastroileal adapts to the needs of each patient. The food is derived to not walk around the intestine but the part that requires each person. No food to go around the intestine, is absorbed less of the calories we eat are eliminated in the stool and therefore lose weight. By absorbing less sugar diabetes is resolved, the absorbing less fat, cholesterol and triglycerides it is removed by absorbing less fat and sugar lose weight with this lowers insulin resistance; but also improves breathing sleep apnea disappearing improve mobility and decrease joint problems and so with each of the associated problems.


Advantages of bypass gastroileal

For specialists in General Surgery and experts in bariatric surgery is the easier, faster, safer and better recovery technique that currently exists. The operating time is 30 minutes, with less risk of bladder intervention and with an income of less than 48 hours.

The technique can be adapted to each patient and nothing is removed as the operation is 100% reversible and readaptable to the patient 's needs that may arise in the future.

The stomach and intestine that we allow the patient to eat normally, both in quantity and type of food. This means that first operated can eat avocado, second and dessert, with common sense. Logically, though we can eat freely, we must make continuous excesses, we should eat moderately. The vast majority of the other techniques greatly reduce the stomach and eat only allow the volume of yogurt. Normal eating gives great satisfaction to patients.


Results bypass gastroileal

Weight loss begins to appreciate during the first week. At first, when more weight is lost more and gradually loses less to stabilize. When it is becoming less weight you lose less. In the first month it is usually lost 10 kg.

The metabolic effects, depend on what we absorb, are immediate. Pills for cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar are left from the first day. If the patient uses insulin or diabetes medication much gradually leave. The same applies to medication stress or other problems that depend on weight loss.

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By Dr. Joaquín Resa Bienzobas

Dr. Joaquín Resa Bienzobas is a specialist in General Surgery and Gastroenterology with extensive training internationally and extensive professional experience. It is a world reference in Bariatric Surgery (of Obesity) and Diabetes. A pioneer in the gastro-intestinal bypass technique, he is also a member of the Spanish Society of the Surgery of Obesity (SECO). Dr. Resa performs about 300 annual interventions, a number that places him -according to data from SECO- as the specialist with the highest number of interventions per year. He has made more than 150 communications and papers in congresses of the specialty and has received numerous awards for his work and research.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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