What is the most common brain tumor?

Written by: Dr. Javier Pardo Moreno
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The most frequent primary malignant tumors are glioblastomas, but the tumor most often found on the head are metastases.

Glioblastoma or glioblastoma multiforme is a rapidly growing tumor that can occur at any age but mainly affects adults (mostly between 45 and 70 years). Even the most frequent tumor in Europe and North America its incidence is 2-3 cases per 100.00 people.

This tumor rarely spreads beyond the central nervous system.

Causes of neurological tumors

Except ionizing radiation, there is no causal factors identified.


Symptoms of neurological tumors

The symptoms are varied and nonspecific headache, behavioral disorder, clumsiness and impaired language, among others.


Treatment of neurological tumors

Treatment of a neurological tumor depends on its cause; the bottom line is consultation with a specialist in Neurology. In addition, the prognosis depends on the type of tumor.

In the case of glioblastoma treatment it is based on surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Still, their median survival is around 14 months.

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By Dr. Javier Pardo Moreno

Dr. Pardo Moreno is a renowned specialist in Neurology, an expert in Neuro Oncology, General Neurology and neuro infections. It is and has been responsible for this specialty in different centers. He is also author of numerous publications, and has participated in various conferences, communications and presentations. In addition, he is member of various organizations, both national and international.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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