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Written by: Emma Barthe
Published: | Updated: 19/11/2018
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Often within the therapeutic context there are people who, without being affected by a specific and identified as such pathology, are immersed in a situation of unease and concern that alters its normal rhythm of life, prevents them from making decisions or are unable to endure. Within this profile fit what is known as Counseling: the intervention model that facilitates the processes of change and transformation of people through self-knowledge and the deployment of its potential. It is that from a position of empathy, understanding and non-judgmental maximum, the questioner is oriented toward the best expression of himself.

The counseling evaluates, identifies and oriented toward solving and decision making in a process of continuous interaction between the professional and the client, with the aim of helping the individual to redirect the problem in any area of life (personal, work, family , loving, sexual) and achieve a fuller and more satisfying life.


The Counseling evaluates, identifies, orients and fixes

Psychological distress not always emerges out in the form of defined clinical pictures and classified by modern psychiatry. They are often behaviors and feelings that stay with apparent normality, pose no evidence of a specific pathology but nevertheless seriously hinder the well-being of individuals and they generate a lot of tension that impede the development and realization of the person .


Symptoms of discomfort to be treated by Counseling

psychological counseling therapy Shipments of Psychology are saturated with queries posed problems related to loss of self - esteem, general dissatisfaction, emotional imbalance, lack of motivation, lack of ideals, labor unrest, poor performance or loss of control, which explanation lies in the inability to make decisions and create new experiences that lead them to a change in its current state.


Psychological Counseling Treatment

To start a process of Counseling predisposition of the client is required to change. It is essential that this take active part in the process of Counseling and accept its responsibility for the problem situation.

The Counseling goes beyond facilitate understanding or finding the proper reasons solve the problem. What he wants is that the questioner learn and acquire skills response to address and overcome the problems or adverse situations experienced as best as possible. It is to acquire the necessary tools and incorporate as response patterns useful in future situations.


Stages of Counseling

Counseling process consists of several stages:

  1. In the first stage the kind of relationship to be established between the professional psychologist Counseling (counselor) and the questioner is built. It is a time to gather information and determine the objectives to be achieved.
  2. Once you have gathered relevant information comes a stage of exploration, aimed at self-knowledge and awareness. It is part of a comprehensive assessment to provide information on how you feel the person at the time of making the request and to identify the variables of your personality that may be altered because of its particular history to know the basics of the structure of his personality and way of thinking.
  3. Then the results are compared with the previous information and an action plan is carried out to achieve the desired change. In the later stages the success achieved and the degree of internalization of new skills response is evaluated. The important thing is that the consultant can reach the transformational change that brings learning from the experience itself.
  4. Finally, in a last stage closure process Counseling it is determined, but always open to track consolidate learning.


Main objectives of the Counseling

The main objective of Counseling is psychological counseling in situations where a person, family, group or organization has to deal with a problematic situation and needs to learn new response resources or acquire a perspective of the different situation to enable the shift to the action and effect change. The Counseling seeks to improve the welfare of people and promote success and personal satisfaction.

Often we are caught in situations that leave them wanting even we can not because of a particular way of thinking and feeling. The mind is trapped in the same state of being subordinated to what was, what happened, what we learned in our environment and in our relationships with others. Somehow, all that past information becomes the raw material to build our future reality. Fulfilling the sentence that says we are what we were and what we were be. By changing the way of thinking it is also likely to change the way they act and consequently the way of being.


When you need treatment Counseling

Self-knowledge is essential to initiate any process of change or transformation. Much of the current psychological distress finds its origins in a rift between where the person is at the moment and where would you like to. When you can find out who is connecting with your inner reality, it is very likely to find answers to many of your questions.


Counseling treatment outcomes

The Counseling untreated patients, or people with mental disease, so the term is used questioner. The Counseling advice and guidance in situations where the person may feel blocked or lack of resources to cope with adverse situations or difficulties of everyday life that prevents or hinders decision-making and action. The number of sessions required to achieve the objectives depend on the type of problem and its severity and the degree of participation of the client.

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By Emma Barthe

Specialist psychologist in health and well-being. She is a pioneer in Spain in the use of bioinformation applied to physical, mental, emotional and affective wellbeing. Director and coordinator for several years (Los Angeles, St. Vincent Medical Center and The Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine. Of specific programs in the field of the psychology of the health from the integrative vision (Teknon Medical Center, Hospital Mutua de Terrassa) .It is recognized its prestige in the field of the evaluation of the personality and the behavioral modification. And Director of the Center for Integral Psychology and professor of the subject of personal leadership in the program BCM Brand Community Management Postgraduate / Master Course of BES La Salle. She imparts seminars on a continuous basis aimed at health and wellbeing as well as self-knowledge and In addition, for the past 23 years, psycho-oncology has dealt with the relationship between Health status, disease and the promotion of healthy habits. Author of several books. More information on its website

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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