Corticosteroids, simple and effective treatment for childhood asthma

Written by: Dra. Luzdivina García Morales de los Ríos
Published: | Updated: 07/10/2018
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Patients with asthma are well aware of the beneficial effects of corticosteroids, but in turn, are afraid of the side effects that might occur depending on the dosage and / or route of administration.

The word cortisoles encompasses a family of chemicals produced by the body. Corticosteroids are similar to these substances, but are manufactured in laboratories, retain the beneficial effects and reduce adverse.


Bronchodilators steroids vs

Bronchodilators are medicines that have an immediate effect on breathlessness, relaxing circular constriction of airway muscles. In contrast with the steroids we show action within hours, as they modify the inflammatory response of the respiratory mucosa.

Bronchodilators are not asthma controller medications (unless they come in combination with corticosteroids), but rescue medicines crisis, and its use of first lines in these cases.

In all national and international protocols concesos (AEP, ERS GINA) of action they are included steroids to subdue the inflammation of the airways such as chronic asthma controller.

These treatments are responsible for decreasing inflammation and edema of the inner wall of the bronchi (mucosa), which are both characteristic features of asthma and subsequently preventing the airway remodeling. They also reduce the number, frequency and intensity of future crisis.


How are they managed?

Treatment with corticosteroids may be prescribed in different forms:

- Inhalation use: daily (morning and night) for the prevention of disease.

- Oral: tablets, syrups or drops associated with bronchodilators, indicated for treating a seizure of moderate, severe or persistent asthma severe asthma.

- Intramuscular or intravenous: always associated with a bronchodilator aimed at treating a crisis of moderate or severe asthma.

Before any doubt always turn to your pediatrician.

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By Dra. Luzdivina García Morales de los Ríos

Dr. Garcia Morales de los Rios is a pediatrician expert in respiratory childhood diseases, asthma and allergies. With over 20 years of experience, s and has formed between Venezuela, Paris and Spain. Currently, she d irige its own query that offers: consulting children and adolescents, controlling growth and development, consultation allergy, pulmonology, allergy skin tests, spirometry, vaccines and basic diagnostic procedures. He is also professor at the Faculté de Médecine Hopital Pitie-Salpetriere La Pitie-Salpetriere in Paris and a member of various national and international associations of their specialty.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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