Contraindications for breast enlargement

Written by: Dr. Ignacio Ortega Remírez
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez

Absolute contraindications for breast augmentation are few:

  • An active infection in the breast
  • Oncologic process unresolved in the breast.
  • Patients with psychological disorders in relation to their body image
  • Patients with unrealistic expectations about breast augmentation
  • A patient who has received radiation therapy to the breast, because the aesthetic results are often worse, the most frequent surgical complications and higher risk of capsular contracture.

After many years of ban on use of silicone implants in the US for an alleged risk of increased incidence of autoimmune and connective tissue diseases, some years have become used. There is sufficient evidence in the literature to conclude that silicone implants do not cause any of these diseases, so breast augmentation is not contraindicated for this reason.

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Techniques for breast augmentation:

To increase breast mainly two techniques:

  • Prosthesis; which can be filled with saline or silicone gel.
  • Filled with the patient 's own fat. The use of other products to fill the breast is prohibited.


Advantages and disadvantages of breast augmentation by prosthesis

The greatest advantage of breast augmentation by prosthesis is carried out in a single intervention. In the hands of surgeons well trained and doing a good selection of the implant can be achieved extraordinary aesthetic results.

The biggest drawback of the prosthesis is that although the materials are increasingly better quality prostheses are not for life, and at one point a patient with prosthesis will have to recambiarlas, either by rupture or capsular contracture .

Furthermore, anaplastic large cell breast is an entity that has been associated with implants but has not been found or not as statistically causal relationship.


Advantages and disadvantages of breast augmentation by filling with grease

In fat grafting it does not have much experience (breast augmentation by prosthesis is more cosmetic surgery is done in Spain). Unlike dentures, we do not put any foreign material in the body of the woman. Although the results are promising may require several sessions to get the final result, and in the case of very thin patients can not be furnished enough to increase your breast fat.

As risk, it is possible that areas of fat necrosis, oleomas and calcifications occur.

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Dr. Ignacio Ortega Remírez

By Dr. Ignacio Ortega Remírez
Plastic surgery

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