Get a lifting effect with thread lift

Written by: Dra. Carmen Canales Calatayud
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The wire tensioners allow getting a facial rejuvenation threads inserting a resorbable material in areas of flaccidity. This is a quick and painless treatment with visible effects lasting for more than one year.  

Tensor Threads: What They Are

The thread lift are a new facial rejuvenation technique that is done by inserting threads of a fully resorbable material (Polydioxanone) in areas of sagging and sagging skin. This material is fully compatible and resorbable biocomposite body. Is, as experts say in Aesthetic Medicine , to go by first placing the wires to an anchor. It has been using for over 25 years for other uses, such as making cardiac, vascular, ophthalmic sutures, among others.Significantly, it is compatible with others such as platelet-rich plasma, fillers, facial mesotherapy with vitamins or hyaluronic acid treatment.It is a quick and painless treatment, which usually lasts half an hour, and the patient can resume normal activity immediately.


Areas where you can apply the thread lift

Placing the threads it is performed in areas of offhook and sagging skin, producing a lifting effect. In the face, they can be applied in:- Cheeks to raise them- All around the facial profile- Chin- Neck- To cover the eye area- For wrinkles peribucales


Results obtained with thread lift

Yarn tensioning technique produces a lifting effect. The results are seen from the month of month since been placed, getting maximum results within three months after placing.These threads stimulate fibroblasts, generating the production of collagen type I and III, yielding the end yarns own collagen around the threads inserted.Reabsorption of the tension wires placed occurs at 6-8 months. The duration of its effects can be up to 12-18 months, but it all depends on the degree of sagging and sagging presented by the patient.


Contraindications tensioners Threads

In treatments there are certain contraindications Tensor Threads:- Pregnancy and lactation- People with severe flaccidity- People taking anticoagulant medication- People with neoplastic diseases- Vascular Diseases- Diabetes- Patients with active infections in the area



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Dra. Carmen Canales Calatayud

By Dra. Carmen Canales Calatayud
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Channels Calatayud is a doctor, an expert in aesthetic medicine treatments. Today it operates in the aesthetic clinic that gives its name, offering beauty treatments last genración patients. As a professional, committed to the less invasive and more in harmony with the patient's physiology medical treatments. Among his specialties is the natural medicine and homeopathy, which makes it a doctor concerned about the welfare of their patients for aesthetic treatments. Thus, Carmen Canales Clinic becomes a beauty center committed to providing the best beauty treatments, the most natural and beneficial for the patient way.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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