Postoperative pre Tips and breast reduction

Written by: Dr. Alfonso Castro Sierra
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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If you are interested in undergoing a breast reduction it is important that you consider some considerations before and after surgery.


Logo Ruber What should you do before breast augmentation?

The patient should follow the surgeon's instructions for proper preoperative:

1- Conduct a blood test

2- Coagulation tests

3- An electrocardiogram


Some tips and instructions

It is recommended that the paci entity that is going to have a breast do not smoke or stop smoking at least three weeks before surgery and three weeks later. The snuff is harmful to the blood supply and irrigation is very important for the process of vascularization and scarring to take place normally.

Also, we always recommend to our patients to consult any doubt about your chest will look, how much you want to remove, etc.. The doctor who will perform the operation has to know if the patient is taking any medication, as this may impair blood clotting and cause potential bleeding.


How is the post-operative breast reduction?

Postoperative surgery breast reduction is not very painful. However, the patient should be admitted to the 24 hours, where they will be provided with painkillers and antibiotics clinic and will be controlled by the team of specialists. After the operation, the woman leave the operating room with a bandage post without drainage must be maintained for one week. It is appropriate that, during that period, the person has no contact with the water in the operated area.  The next day, if there has been no complications, the patient can go home and you will have a week to review.


Considerations to take into account

The physical activity of the patient should be limited after the postoperative period, focusing much care in moving arms or lifting abruptly.After two weeks the patient should return to the clinic to take the points and check that everything went well. Des of that time, and gradually, the daily routine of women can go to normal, avoiding, though, lifting heavy objects.

It depends on the work activity of the person, you will have to take more or less cautiously back in more or less days. Office work at a computer, the patient can return to the week after surgery breast reduction without any problems.

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By Dr. Alfonso Castro Sierra
Plastic surgery

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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