Tips for keeping good diet to lose weight and get

Written by: Dr. Rafael De la Cruz Renovales
Edited by: Patricia Pujante Crespo

What can help bring better diet? Here are some tips. Many of them already know but forget when applying. Now that summer is coming and many people have decided to resume the diet, it is time to put them into practice.    

Almost all are addicted to eating something. We are not addicted to food, as we are not breathing. We are addicted to eat a lot, to itch, to use meal replacement products, such as envelopes, smoothies, etc.. We eat what does us no good and sometimes do not know, or whether, but we deceive ourselves.

It is often not easy to get out of this addiction but, above all, what more we brakes to fight it is the fear of going hungry. With these tips Endocrinology we might be more comfortable diet.


Tips to bring better diet

Do not qualify: Let him make the nutritionist. Or, if you do, be objective. There are people who do wrong and believe it right, or vice versa. In the following queries must review the diet (especially if you are not losing weight) and the necessary modifications will be made. Wait to see the results to qualify.

Do not starve. If it does:a) you will get tired of dietb) will hungrier at the next mealc) have more anxiety about food in general andd) level will lower your metabolism and will go into savings, capturing no food, slowing down weight

We eat more than we need: Fortunately our body is able to go shaking off overload to which we submit, without hoarding. But this works up to a point. After a while, he says enough and stops. Thereafter it will be a kilo above another and talk about metabolism has been slow or there is resistance to insulin.

We not only lose weight: We have to lower the metabolism and / or correct insulin resistance. It is therefore important diet beginning as maintenance diet. With the latter we have to maintain a good weight (rational, not ideal weight) for about a year to improve the conditions of our body, to correct that situation brake.

Take hydrates only day of physical activity: In reference to the carbohydrate compounds (rice, pasta, beans and potatoes). And besides, that is at noon, not at night, because in those times our energy consumption is lower and accumulate more fat.

Maximum fruit dinner 3 days a week: There are people who abuse them makes them raise or not lose weight. Also, do not match the food day of hydrates, as it would duplicate hydrates. Fruits take simple carbohydrates, but more vegetables. That night dinner is recommended only vegetables or vegetables with protein.

The more you eat, the more hungry we are : When we eat less also have less hunger. So it costs more the beginning of the diet and it costs us less when we have gone down gradually level (especially in people who eat a lot).

Review the composition of packaged foods: The fact put in ingredients skim milk, for example, does not mean it is low in calories (you may have added vegetable fats). Also, put food in integrals (cookies) or 0% fat, or light, does not mean they do not take sugar, as this can be set as sugar or as sucrose, glucose, fructose or dextrose.

Eat slowly: If you eat fast, when we have satisfied we have eaten more if we had eaten more slowly.

Dinner should be loose: Best without bread or fruit (especially in diabetics). I ought to be only vegetables, fruit only (no more than 3 nights a week), or vegetable protein (meat, fish, eggs, dairy). we should not take bread or carbohydrate compounds (rice, pasta, beans, potato), unless we are making a very strong physical activity.

Use the culinary imagination: For the diet is varied, not to get tired and not feeling too diet. The most important thing is a diet that is comfortable, so it is recommended:1. vary the type of salads2. vary the type of stews

Use flat and small dishes: Of course that will depend on how much "eaters" that we. Should accustom ourselves well and bringing to the table all the food we take, eat less. It is advisable to get to the table and even fruit that we will take at the end of the meal.

Staying with some appetite at the end of the food: not the same to go hungry. We can do little by little, especially if we eat slowly and have been declining quantities.

Eat fruit twice a day: in pieces or at least juices. In meals or outside them. Best in parts because it takes more fiber and have to chew.

Become menus: Best for a week and then change it every week.

Look permitted food markets that are pleasing: It is recommended to eat good wholemeal bread, good skim milk, etc.

If we make any commitment meal (celebration): That day is recommended not to eat bread and other food make only strong vegetable. Tell the menu that will serve us to select, as they tend to always put a lot of food.

Having prepared low - calorie treats: For example in lists of "alternatives to candy" or list of "foods allowed free quantity".


Edited by Patricia Crespo Pujante

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Rafael De la Cruz Renovales

By Dr. Rafael De la Cruz Renovales
Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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