You know the obstetric and uro physiotherapy?

Written by: Inmaculada Santos García
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Obstetric and uro physiotherapy is the field of specialized physiotherapy in pathology from obstetric causes and / or urogynecological. To perform this type of rehabilitation the physiotherapist specialized entitled.

Pregnant hands The type of treatment goes from prevention to recovery. We work with both male and female pathologies. Although incontinence and all its variables are the most common pathology, Ruber Physios have specialists in urological diseases such as prostatitis, hypotonic or hypertonic pelvic floor, nocturia, overactive detrusor muscle, neurogenic bladder, cystocele, urgency, cystitis Recurring. All these pathologies with medical treatment palpably better in many cases.


Physiotherapy in obstetric patients:

We prepare the body of the mother for labor. Our goal is to give them tools to reduce pain during contractions, try to shorten labor as much as possible to avoid excessive pain and rapid expulsion of the placenta. We also work to avoid unnecessary physical backaches therefore the weight of the abdomen such as the breast. Strengthen both lower limb to better withstand the weight gained over the months as the upper member to be ready when the baby.

A postpartum level work with both manual therapy as specific machinery, Biofeedback. Episiotomies, tears, prolapses, surgical wounds: all these pathologies are well worth manual therapy, perform both technical intracavitaras (intracaviatrio massage, cyriax, visceral mobilization, stretching, myofascial therapy, specific treatment of scars), and non-invasive: myofascial therapy, mobilization osteopathic, sensorineural posturology, muscle chains.

We also perform pelvic floor rehabilitation exercises focused on pelvic diaphragm and the recovery of the affected structures secondarily during pregnancy and childbirth: lumbar spine, shoulder girdle, lower limb, abdomen. Pilates, hiporesivos, kegel modified, but they all constantly supervised by a specialist.


Physical therapy in urological patients:

According to experts in physiotherapy , treatment performed in urological patients consists of different techniques, from manual therapies intracavitary, sensorineural posturology, electrotherapy both within and extracavitaria (pelvic floor electrical stimulation of the posterior tibial and to work nocturia) to learn biofeedback to control the muscles of the pelvic floor and the reinstatement of this area within the patient's body image. During the working group treatment of pelvic floor control in different positions and as treatment progresses we add difficulties as movements and postures of balance.

The goal of this treatment is of course the improvement of symptoms, but the most important is the patient education tools that can be used in their activities of daily living (ADLs).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Inmaculada Santos García

By Inmaculada Santos García
Physical therapy

The Ms. Santos García specializes in physiotherapy and expert neurosurgical treatments, obstetrics and physiotherapy urogynaecological and infant respiratory physiotherapy. She is director of the Ruber Physios Unit since 2012.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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