Egg freezing, treatment of Assisted Reproduction

Written by: Dr. Miquel Ferrer Gispert
Edited by: Noelia Pino García

At birth all women have a certain number of eggs inside your ovaries. Until the first menstruation, these eggs remain dormant. However, after her, cyclically, a small group of eggs each month is activated to "try" to get ovulation. Only achieves an egg, that is that is directed to the inside of uterus through the fallopian tubes.

egg freezing

Egg freezing is a technique of Assisted Reproduction which aims to apply a treatment during the first days of the cycle to reach more than one egg to the ovulatory phase. At that time, the eggs are extracted by an ultrasound-guided puncture and under sedation. These extracted ova are frozen for the to be used by patients in the future.

This technique is often women who, for professional or personal reasons, must postpone their desire to be mothers made. women who are undergoing a treatment that may affect the quantity and / or quality of eggs, such as chemotherapy are also subject.


Who can freeze eggs?

Any woman who has her menstrual cycles and, after some additional tests performed, it may be assumed sufficient ovarian reserve with a satisfactory answer can freeze their eggs.


What previous tests have to be done to make an egg freezing?

Medical tests that must be subjected a woman are a general gynecological examination, mammography, gynecological ultrasound, cervical cytology, vaginal culture and a blood test.


How long you can be a frozen egg?

For now, the time that an egg can be frozen indefinitely.


How old can a woman a frozen egg to implant?

There is no limit legally. However, specialists try not to exceed the physiological age of cycle times, which is about 50 years.


What success rate is egg freezing?

The survival rate of thawing of eggs is 90%. However, speaking of statistics in these cases is very variable because each must be evaluated individually. Usually we talk about a success rate of 60% in cases of women who have frozen their eggs in good condition and that no other collateral factor.


Freezing eggs: Price

The price of this fertility treatment ranges between 2,500 € and 3,000 €. In addition, add the medication which is about 700 € -800 €.


Edited by Noelia García Pino

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Miquel Ferrer Gispert
Fertility Specialty

Dr. Ferrer Gispert specializes in assisted reproduction. Expert in techniques of artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization. Addresses cases of sterility, infertility, and the application of techniques individually from diagnosis and counseling, medical testing and treatment. Dr. works with a multidisciplinary team of about 30 specialists, allowing them the advantage of working together to solve any medical problem. In addition, for years aunoma their efforts in the field of Assisted Reproduction, offering leading and successful techniques. There is also a multilingual team in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Russian and Arabic.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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