Why freeze eggs to delay motherhood?

Written by: Dr. Bartolomé Darder Andreu
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Why freeze eggs?

The reason for the freezing of eggs is to extend the maternity women. Thanks to freezing preserve fertility and thus can delay motherhood. There are two primary indications for egg freezing, one is for medical reasons, when it comes to cancer treatment, cuandorealizamos chemo I radiotherapy, the disadvantage of these treatments that can save many lives is sterility in women, in these cases if we care to freeze eggs before treatment we can get cancer once solved your problem this woman can make her maternal desire. The second indication would be for social reasons.


Can any woman can freeze their eggs?

Yes, the eggs can be frozen at any time of reproductive age women. Just keep in mind that when the indication is a socio-labor motive is ideal to freeze before 35 years because the female fertility decreases with age thereafter. In the case of a medical indication, in the case of chemotherapy, we can not choose age but bear in mind that the results and the chances of getting pregnant are always better the earlier has been the age at which we perform the freezing of eggs.


What is the treatment? How long can be frozen?

The treatment involves stimulating the ovaries to get the largest possible number of eggs. Ultrasound control the response of the ovaries to this stimulation and this way we can know when we can proceed to the puncture of the ovaries to extract these eggs. That day the patient was admitted to fast, because sedation is administered, and by an act which is minimally invasive, and vaginally with the help of an ultrasound, in puncturing the eggs and suck follicles and thus inhale ova. These eggs are passed to the laboratory where frozen. As for the duration of frozen eggs is indefinite but we must consider the health of women, it is not advisable to develop a pregnancy over 50 years. Why we should thaw the eggs for breeding purposes before that age.


What assisted reproduction technique should be used to look after pregnancy?

When a woman decides to use eggs that have frozen proceed to stimulate the endometrium, the lining inside the uterus, to be receptive to the embryos that will be transferred. Using ultrasound scans we know when this endometrium is in top condition for transfer and is at this time when we proceed to unfreeze and eggs inseminated with sperm or donor sperm or sperm of the couple. This is a very simple procedure and highly effective. It is the latest technique that we have incorporated in our center since we made the first In-Vitro Fertilization 30 years ago, precisely in November we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of CEFIVBA.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Bartolomé Darder Andreu
Fertility Specialty

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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