Anal condylomata acuminata: How to prevent and treat

Written by: Dr. Germán Vázquez Vázquez
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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¿What are genital warts anal


Anal genital warts are the most common sexual disease transmission. Today it is accepted that due to the use of the anus for pleasure has increased since heterosexuals always had since it was a gay disease.

¿What causes it?¿There are risk factors


The genital warts are caused by the human papilloma virus undoubtedly has always been associated with homosexuality and, in fact, is more frequent in homosexuals, but heterosexuals as pleasure by the use of the anus, it is quite common. And we have to keep in mind that it is more common even in patients who are carriers of the human immunodeficiency virus, AIDS.

¿may prevent


Today the prevention of this common disease genital warts is being done from the point of view of a primary prevention. There is a vaccine against the human papillomavirus, is getting more and more frequently and logically secondary prevention will be if we consider the early diagnosis of these warts and moreover the use of condoms. The condom is very important. But do not use condoms and only once you have started the relationship. No, from the beginning, because only with the brush of the area is sufficient for transmission of the virus and also one thing we have to keep in mind is always that the incubation period of this virus goes between one month and six months.

¿What are the symptoms


Usually asymptomatic. In many patients coming to the service simply because they notice a few bumps in the perianal area. In some cases have itching, anal area itches secretion by giving these warts. At other times produced by rubbing bleeding during defecation, feces clash with those who are like warts warts rub the erode and cause bleeding. But I insist that it is essential to seek medical advice for this do an exploration, but an exploration not only of the perianal area, but necessarily involves the anal canal because it is an area that is infected frequently.

¿, which consists in treating


The treatment has three parts. Medication treatment, usually with ointments, a surgical treatment and immunotherapy treatment, to stimulate the body's defenses. It is important to bear in mind what he said Gregorio Maranon,&ldquo, there are sick, not diseases&rdquo ;, therefore what is important is that we make an individualized treatment, depending on each case determined. If the patient requires surgical treatment only, which is the extirpation of these warts or other treatment that requires an adjuvant therapy or immunotherapy ointments. Usually when they are emerging can be removed simply ointments, and other derivatives podophyllin, imiquimod is fashionable, can perfectly remove. But we advise the treatment of surgical removal and in the case of our clinic we do it with surgical laser diode because it is a vaporization, cleaning and in many cases when patients have deficit problems of its defenses have to complementarles treatment interferon or other substances that may regulate these defenses for the patient.

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Dr. Germán Vázquez Vázquez

By Dr. Germán Vázquez Vázquez
Colon & Rectal Surgery

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Salamanca to rate Outstanding, Dr. German Vazquez Vazquez is an expert proctologo in Ano and Rectal Diseases. He is currently the Director of proctologic Unit Integral Laser Surgical Center of Madrid.

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