How to deal with physiotherapy with typical injuries in cooks

Written by: Sol García
Published: | Updated: 19/11/2018
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez

From my friends and my patients I have learned a lot about the most frequent injuries and pathologies suffered by hotel professionals.


Most frequent injuries in cooks

Many of the injuries suffered by cooks are produced by the weight of the saucepans and cooking utensils, the posture of leaning on the plates, as well as the fire. The most common are:


  • Epicondylitis Epicondylitis : affects the elbow joint. It is also a frequent injury in windsurfers and even in people who walk the dog with harnesses, because it causes numbness in the joint and difficulty to coordinate the movements.
  • Bilateral muscular contractures in the back: they represent the highest percentage of injuries in this sector, and are usually caused by poor postural hygiene. Surely you all have in mind the image of the typical chef leaning on his star dish, right? This, in the long run, causes an excess of muscle fatigue and ends up contracting the area.
  • Low back pain Low back pain. By spending many hours standing, the last vertebrae of the column overload. If the patient is overweight it will be worse.
  • SLAP injury; Is usually caused by sudden movements of the arm above the shoulder. It causes the sensation of the shoulder loosening and leaving, hindering the ability to move.




Shoulder injury


Physiotherapy treatment for the most typical injuries in cooks

Physiotherapy treatment will depend on the particular condition. For example, in the case of low back pain, it is advisable not to treat the area with massage until the pain has begun to remit.


In the Fidoos clinic we recommend the following treatments:


  • Cooks Dry puncture, which is the star treatment of our clinic and one of my specialties as a physiotherapist. It is a painless and very effective invasive technique that undoes the trigger point or knot of the contracture and allows a very quick recovery.
  • Masotherapy: Traditional massage is indispensable as the basis and / or complement of most physiotherapy treatments.
  • TENS: This is a type of electrotherapy that has an immediate analgesic effect and is very helpful in relieving pain from injuries such as low back pain.
  • Bandage kinesiotape; Is very useful as it improves contraction of weakened muscle, improves blood circulation and reduces pain, not only during the physical therapy session in the clinic, but also while the patient performs his usual activity.
  • Mesotherapy.
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By Sol García
Physical therapy

Sol García is a recognized Physiotherapist who has treated many elite athletes in our country. Director of the Fidoos Physiotherapy and Podology Clinic, she combines her professional work with teaching, being a professor in Physiotherapy at the Rafael de Nebrija University.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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