How to treat facial blushing ?

Written by: Dr. José Revuelta Mirones
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The flushing is a dilation of blood vessels uncontrolled level of the face and neck.

occurs in a pathological by an alteration in sympathetic ganglion chain ( which is the one responsible for keeping the body information related to stress and imminent danger ). Indeed, this node is responsible for flushing episodes occur frequently but may not be controlled, resulting in the sufferer, behaviors of social phobia.


There is no test for diagnosis. Sufferer note blazing hot in those areas, as well as a reddening of the same. It is the patient who realizes that he is happening and isolation thinking that this only happens to him.


The treatments with medications as psicofarmacos are of low efficiency and psychological therapies are not effective. Therefore, in the most extreme cases, with great psychological affectation, and avoidance behaviors or social phobia, are assessing candidates for surgery.

The surgery of facial flushing involves the suppression of sympathetic ganglia, responsible for its appearance. The intervention is done by video-thoracoscopy, which makes it less invasive and requires overnight hospitalization. The result is immediate.

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By Dr. José Revuelta Mirones
Vascular Surgery

international reference in performing sympathectomy by videotorascopia, only recognized worldwide as a curative for blush, palmar hyperhidrosis and facial. Performing pioneering technique ETS-C

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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