How to know if I have pectus excavatum

Written by: Dr. Emilio Canalís Arrayàs
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Experts in Thoracic Surgery define pectus excavatum as a deformity of the chest wall. This pathology consists of an apparent sinking of the sternum with respect to the costal structures that surround it.

The pectus excavatum is born at the junction of the ribs to the sternum


What causes pectus excavatum?

The pectus excavatum is born from the defective development of the cartilage that binds the ribs to the sternum, giving rise to this positioning.


How to correct pectus excavatum in infants and children

The goal is for the sternum to go to a more anterior position, in the same plane as cartilage and ribs. For this, the operation of classic pectus excavatum consists of removing the cartilage, release the sternum forward and put some type of osteosynthesis or mesh to keep it in the correct position. Subsequently, the Nuss technique was developed, with the placement under control by endoscopy of a rod that when rotated takes the sternum forward. It is less invasive than the classic operation, but only suitable at young ages when there is still no cartilage calcification and therefore have flexibility.

The future of surgical treatment is on the verge of arriving with the pectus up system , which allows even less invasive correction and probably replaces the Nuss technique.


How to know if I have pectus excavatum

Association with asthma and cardiac valvulopathies is only casual. What motivates the surgical correction is the psychic repercussion that it causes to those who suffer it.


How to conceal pectus excavatum without surgery

The cure of the pectus excavatum without surgery is possible by means of the therapies with vacuum hood are very uncomfortable, they require a lot of constancy and years of application in order to consolidate a correction. However, in very constant people and with a lot of will they can work.


Complications of pectus excavatum in health

The main consequence is the psychological with development of complexes that prevent normal social behavior. Also, if chronic lung disease is associated with age , its course is aggravated and there may be more complications in people who have pectus.


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By Dr. Emilio Canalís Arrayàs
Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Canalís is a renowned specialist in thoracic surgery with more than 30 years of experience. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona is an expert in hyperhidrosis, tumors of the pleura and lung tumors. Currently provides expertise acquired in the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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