Osteopathy and treatment of childhood asthma ( II )

Written by: Jaume Ramón
Published: | Updated: 21/11/2018
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asthma is a common chronic respiratory pathology in the pediatric population. Its origin could avoid taking into account several considerations. In this article, the osteopath Jaume Ramon gives us information about asthma in the first years of life of our baby.

Causes of asthmatic crises

Our body is led by CNS ( CNS) and vegetative nervous system ( SNV ). The SNV is who will modulate asthmatic crisis in our body because there are two systems:the sympathetic nervous system and parasimpatico. The friendly has an accelerator role and has a role parasympathetic brake. In the case of the bronchi and spinal origin simpaticas fibers are broncho-dilators, while the parasympathetic fibers are broncho-constrictor.

If there is a mismatch between the two systems by a deficit of action of the sympathetic fibers in the bronchi constrictive reaction it will occur. When the asthmatic person takes a deep inspiration, either because they have feeling of choking, for physical effort as the practice of sport or simply because you cough or laugh, unconsciously blocking your ribcage and not use the natural movement of elevation of the upper ribs. This causes definitely a decrease in respiratory volume and poor breathing pattern.

osteopathic treatment of asthma

The different objectives of osteopathy applied to the treatment of asthma are:

  • Return the correct joint mobility of the spine in its entirety, hip, leg and foot.
  • Balance the cranial base and palate as well as its relations with the hyoid bone and the mandible.
  • perfectly restructure the rib cage, suppressing all rib subluxations, usually from the second to fourth rib.
  • Improve the visceral viscoelasticity and“souplesse” muscular.
  • Fix and educate the child or adult in their unconscious postural habits.
  • For most kids suggest respiratory activities at home with parents, for example, blowing soap bubbles or pet regularly and slowly thoracic paravertebral region.

The osteopathic treatment should combine well with other dietary considerations eliminate consumption:milk, cheeses, seafood, certain additives, nuts, royal jelly, yeast or beer. And conversely, increase consumption. Extra virgin olive oil, spinach, red pepper, onion, orange, apple, vitamin B and antioxidants

Jaume Ramon Munoz

Director of osteopathy MOTEC Center.

Eur Ost D.O m.R.O.E 429.

References:Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease. Posted by W.B. Saunders Company;5ªedition ( 2999 ​​);pag 689-701. ISBN 0-7216-7335-X.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Jaume Ramón

Director, responsible and osteopath with Dra.Vanesa Galindo MOTEC Center osteopathy (Barcelona). This experienced osteopath and physiotherapist, has a great sensitivity in their treatments thanks to its devotion to human anatomy and physiology. Dr. Ramon has completed clinical and training in Spain and internationally in Italy, France and Brazil with an extensive international postgraduate training under the supervision of Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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