How it affects us in our daily lives can not breathe well?

Written by: Dr. José Miguel Aparicio Fernández
Published: | Updated: 24/02/2020
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Breathing is one of the first activities we do at birth. Its role is essential, but throughout life may appear different reasons that impede its realization. Breathe well and know how to do is not always easy, so then I give different keys to keep in mind.


Symptoms of bad breath

Breathing When you do not breathe well through the nose , along with other bad nasal breathing nasal symptoms such as mucus, sneezing and decreased smell occur. This situation causes the action of breathing through the mouth, can even trigger nighttime snoring, sinusitis, pharyngeal discomfort repetition and ear problems (serous otitis).

In addition, bad breath contributes to worsening sleep apnea and poor sleep quality. The latter also having an impact on our work performance and our quality of life.



Why is it important to breathe through the nose?

After the passage of air through the nose, this is conditioned in order to reach more places lower airway. Nose the air is filtered, it many particles that may be harmful for our respiratory tree capable deposited even trigger allergies.

Air enters the nose at room temperature, which as you know is very cold in the winter months. To get the air to rise to body temperature is essential mucosa of the nasal turbinates, which as we said is very rich in blood vessels and the temperature of these vessels is what causes the hot air.

Also the air in the nose is wet to avoid damage to the pharynx and lower airways. When for some reason this normal or physiological mechanism of nasal breathing is altered and breathe through your mouth, they do not get any of these functions, so the air would happen to our lungs at a cold temperature and without damping leading to other diseases.

Specialists in Otolaryngology consider fundamental breathe through the nose, as the penetration of cold and dry air through the mouth, as in cold winter days, you can aggravate or trigger a bronchospasm (contraction of the muscles surrounding the bronchi) causing lack of air in the lungs (dyspnea).


What I can do to breathe easier through the nose?

As simple hygiene measures such as nasal washes or performance of the vapors traditional help keep the lining of the clean nostril allergens (triggers particles allergy) and irritant, which better develop its role and can avoid the need to take medication.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. José Miguel Aparicio Fernández

Dr. José Miguel Aparicio is Otolaryngology specialist with extensive training and experience in adult pathology.


With over 20 years experience combines his career as Chief of Otolaryngology at University Hospital Alcorcón (public health system), consultation at the University Hospital Foundation Chiron Madrid (Pozuelo) and medical consultation, addressing both private patient and medical societies in the C / General Castaños n.º. 13, Madrid.


His constant scientific training and participation in conferences and courses, allows you to keep abreast of all developments in the ENT.


Subject teacher of Otolaryngology at the European University (U. Private) and the University Rey Juan Carlos (U. Public)



*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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