How is the desire work?

Written by: Beatriz Rodríguez Batlle
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The desire is something that, over the years, you have to work. Last stage of“infatuation” Initial, desire is more difficult to obtain. Desire is linked to new, surprise, adventure, never with everydayness, security and every day. By some strategies you can work this desire to also improve the quality of life of the couple.

In the beginning of relationships work is little need, desire, motivation… it works by itself. We talked Stage“infatuation” where the chemistry of our brain takes care of everything.

It is later when we already do to get. And after a more or less long period make for difficult and sometimes cost much.

The desire is closely linked to the surprise, the new… never to everyday life, it safe, the day to day. For the desire arises by itself should be with these features:new, surprise, adventure… But this does not mean we can not work on it for that desire can be even better than the first.

Many times couples who come to see them say:“no low desire from heaven Tuesday afternoon on the couch after 10 years of dating, we can not wait or not there will be where out” The myth that desire if you want the other person comes after years of relationship makes couples do not work, feel and wait for the day to resurface their desire to return to the beginning of the relationship.

To work loss or lack of desire, you must first see in that vital moment the couple is. And individuals who are, if they want to regain that wish or desire is an excuse, the tip of the iceberg of other more complex relationship problems. After analyzing this, further research is attracted us so much of the other, we liked to do, as we were doing, where they now… and start without the desire to completely activities, find time to abandon thoughts“I'm tired”“I do not feel like today”& ldquo;& rdquo first problems;etc.

Using different strategies try to work for a better quality of life partner, sexual life and life as a whole.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Beatriz Rodríguez Batlle

By Beatriz Rodríguez Batlle

Beatriz Rodriguez Batlle is a prominent psychologist specializing in couples therapy also highlights anxiety treatments or sex therapy.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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