How to stop suffering migraines

Written by: Dr. Norberto Sánchez Olvera
Edited by: Top Doctors®

É In what is the treatment quir úrgico NAS migrates?

Surgical treatment of migraines is performed under local anesthesia resection or weakening of the corrugator muscle, which is a muscle that is located just above the eyebrows and contraction that causes compression of the supraorbital nerve it is one of the origins of migraine suffering patients.


Are the results definitive? Alg is performed to further study surg ed?

In 60% of patients the result is final. In the rest we have found that the crisis was far distanced in time and also have a much less pronounced symptoms than in normal life, so that the treatment allows them to join a social, family and professional life so practically full and without any hassles. We monitor all patients during the first year to check that the healing is correct and symptoms decreased or disappeared entirely.


Qu é What kind of patients it for?

Migraine surgery is aimed at those patients diagnosed by their specialist neurology migraine episodes, more than one or two a week and begin with symptoms in the corrugator muscles, ie the eyebrows. These patients are candidates for this surgery.

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By Dr. Norberto Sánchez Olvera
Pain Medicine

Pain Specialist Unit, Dr. Sánchez Olvera is an expert in Migraines, back pain, pain and osteoarthritis. He has been responsible for different research in the field of specialty, and medical consultant in different hospitals. He is an associate professor and has directed and worked as a tutor in different doctoral theses teacher. In addition, he has performed more than 184 publications in scientific journals in the field, both national and international, has written 24 book chapters and has attended more than 100 conferences nationally and internationally.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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