How should I do if I have gynecological examinations breast implants?

Written by: Dra. Esmeralda de Lorenzo Alonso
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Women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery with implantation of prosthesis the same revision as age, family history etc. must be done and with the same frequency, that women who do not wear implants.


Mammography and breast implants

Many women have the idea that the realization of a mammogram can cause breakage, and that is not so; there is only an increased risk when prostheses are añosas and are damaged.

The woman who attends a mammogram prior notice must bearing prosthesis, and if you have any symptoms such as pain or any other sign, you should discuss to assess their performance or nonperformance. If there is any doubt that the prosthesis can be broken or damaged we will make sure its integrity with other methods such as ultrasound or MRI, before a mammogram.

Prostheses not be broken by compressing the breast during mammography, for it must be done by qualified and skilled technicians.

breast prosthesis

Medical tests with breast implants

In our center we make initially three projections each breast: two (cranio caudal and oblique) to each breast, without prosthesis, using the technique of Eklund. This is done by gently pushing the prosthesis into the chest wall and breast forward, and it is easier when the prostheses are retro pectoral, ie, behind the pectoral muscle. The purpose is to display as many breast tissue for diagnosis. Then we make a projection for each breast usually oblique, with prostheses, for evaluation. While it is not the ideal method for study only if there is a leak by extracapsular rupture.

For this, and why is the complement of the fastest, economical and safe mammogram for a good diagnosis, always perform after a breast ultrasound, which also can give us signs suggesting intracapsular fractures or other alterations, in which case we must informing the patient of the need for an MRI performed.

Breast MRI is the only technique that reliably detects and sensitive alterations, injuries and broken prostheses. It is safe, painless and does not need contrasts to assess prostheses. It is less invasive methods.

Replacement surgery is generally not as complicated as you may think, the old incision is used and the prosthesis is changed through the same hole, is slightly painful postoperative why the implant pocket is done.


Complications of breast implants

The most frequent complications that may present prostheses are capsular contracture and tear.

The body after implantation of the prosthesis creates a fibrous capsule around, it reacts as if it were a foreign body; this is normal, but sometimes going to more and chest firmer note and hardened, producing a moderate capsular contracture. In addition, pain can become deformed may appear.

Furthermore, breast implants after implantation are worn, which increases the possibility of breakage. At age 20 the risk can reach 95% while at age 10 stands at 62%.

During the first year of implementation of the prosthesis it is recommended, and I would say necessary, visit the plastic surgeon several times to go see how it evolves. At 10 years of its implementation, and if any problem has not arisen before, it is advisable to perform an MRI to check them.

With regard to purely mammary reviews, I said at the beginning that any woman should be without dentures, depending on age and other factors.

Remember: be conceited but surely.

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By Dra. Esmeralda de Lorenzo Alonso

Dr. Esmeralda de Lorenzo is a specialist in breast pathology from the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Barcelona, ​​with training in radiodiagnosis at the Gregoria Marañón Hospital. She has dedicated more than 30 years to the diagnosis of the breast.

He has participated in dozens of courses, meetings and congresses on breast pathology, and has been a speaker at various meetings and conferences, with publications and collaborations in books on the specialty.

He is a full member of the Spanish Association of Senology and Breast Pathology and of the International Association of Breast Pathology.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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