How to care for your feet? The importance of using the right shoes

Written by: Dr. Josep Maria Cabestany Castellà
Published: | Updated: 11/11/2018
Edited by: Noelia Pino García

Footwear should always be a protection for bare feet. The skin contact with elements of the shoe should not cause any irritation or points of friction or rubbing, beyond the ability of the foot itself (capacity, mobility of the fingers, propulsion for walking .. .) and the overlying skin to fit footwear elements.

When buying shoes, it is clear that should be discarded shoes made with materials of low quality because it will break or deform , and in this deterioration of the initial setup, problems may arise adaptability that may occur either input or with longer use. The inelastic materials that hinder perspiration and skin will create more problems than softer, natural and adaptable materials.

Besides the quality of the materials, experts in Traumatology say they should also be assessed other equally or more important aspects such as adaptability to footwear and the use that is given to it. Clearly, not everyone has the same shape of the foot, the same type of skin, the same efficiency of venous return, the same weight and size ... transpire as neither equal nor walk in the same way.

right shoes

¿Wounds and abrasions on your feet?

To some extent, a change of footwear, from winter to summer, for example, will require that the skin of the foot, including the points of support and clamping suits the new provision requiring a shoe model different, it rests elsewhere. Specifically with the lightest of summer shoes, these points are not as wide as in the closed shoes, but should concentrate strategic points that shoe manufacturers have perfectly studied. But a blister or rash that persists over time and with repeated use of a certain type of shoe use, should indicate that the foot is not adapted to this shoe and discard before injuries to fester.


First of all, comfort in footwear

Fashion requires some imperatives which sometimes do not go hand in hand with health. This is especially evident in the footwear, whose designs are rarely guided by medical experts foot (orthopedists, podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, etc.). The choice of footwear is not a simple issue and everyone should pay more attention to the type of shoe that uses. Especially in women, since alterations of the foot caused by improper footwear to over the years they are one of the most common queries in any center that is dedicated to health care of the feet.

We have seen problems with certain shoes every year and in all seasons. Often because the person is carried away for reasons of aesthetics, convenience or price shopping, not contarcon their own personal characteristics, which are not always the same and can vary for physiological reasons, age or activity. A skin can become more sensitive or allergic to one time to another under multiple parameters. Weight changes, physical activity, metabolism, changes that occur in the circulation of the legs, endurance and own skin texture and many other reasons can cause a certain person is better suited than another to certain shoes.

And at the hearing, the important thing is the graduation of vision and not the eyeglass frame. On the feet, should have more personal care, thinking not only in the present but also the future of a part of our body that must sustain life

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By Dr. Josep Maria Cabestany Castellà
Orthopaedic Surgery

It is one of the leading experts in surgery of ankle and foot, a pioneer in Artrocopia in Spain in 1978. Throughout its more than 30 years of experience has worked for major public and private schools, also part of several scientific societies prestige. Regular speaker of the Congress, courses and symposiums both nationally and internationally in arthroscopy material, especially ankle and other parts of the foot

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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