How to get a good dental aesthetics ?

Written by: Dra. Carmen López Laserna Rodríguez
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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dental esthetics is the specialty of dentistry that is responsible for improving the appearance of your smile. Although we speak of specialty, any treatment that is carried in the mouth must have an aesthetic result. Some of the methods used are orthodontics to align teeth, tooth whitening to brighten or porcelain veneers, useful to correct defects of the teeth and restore its original form.


Tips for a good dental aesthetics

One of the keys to good oral cosmetic treatments are carried out have a result as natural as possible and not be noticed if the patient wears dentures or fillings, also, is fundamentally a good oral hygiene, brush and floss. In addition to keeping your teeth clean, it is the basis of healthy gingiva, which also influences the beauty of a smile.


Solutions whitening and cover changes in teeth

To change the color you can do a Teeth whitening, even if the patient wears the enamel or alterations in tooth shape, you can place porcelain veneers, a thin sheets of ceramic that bind over the tooth to improve its color, shape and position small changes.

The advantages of the veneers are compared to composite the result is much more durable and very positive aesthetics: it is almost impossible to distinguish where the veneer is the rest of the teeth



Advances in dental esthetics

It has improved a lot in the used in the ceramic prosthesis, both in its strength and in its aesthetic. It has also been made ​​in the surgical techniques that modify the gum around an implant or prosthesis, which allows these to go unnoticed.

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By Dra. Carmen López Laserna Rodríguez

Dr. Carmén Laserna Rodriguez Lopez is a specialist in cosmetic dentistry Odontóloga. He noted for its expertise in Forensic Odontology and human identification from the data provided by the teeth. He is a member of numerous associations and training was conducted between Madrid and New York.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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