How to Get a Flat Belly in Summer

Written by: Dra. Maria José Maroto
Published: | Updated: 04/11/2018
Edited by: Anna Raventós Rodríguez

In good weather legs and arms are exposed; In addition, the lighter and more vaporous tissues do not disguise precisely a swollen abdomen or glutes and more bulky hips. Not only that, bathing suits and bikinis are supposed to look like a body that many people do not feel comfortable with.


To feel good about our physique is sometimes not a question of a generalized weight loss, but we only need to treat one or several localized parts of our body.


Why we do not have flat belly

The swelling of the abdominal area can be caused by different reasons: genetics, poor diet and alcohol / soft drinks, lack of exercise, stress, etc.. Excess volume in this area affects both women and men.


flat stomach


It is well known that the type of nutrition we maintain directly affects the swelling of the abdomen. For example, the excess of vegetables and legumes, being great producers of gas in the organism, can swell us. For this same reason we should avoid carbonated or carbonated beverages and salt consumption (contributing to the retention of liquids, etc.). In consultation we can guide you about what food is appropriate, according to the needs of each.


How to get a flat stomach in summer

In Aesthetic Medicine we have different treatments that we apply to each person according to their needs, in order to reduce volume or combat flaccidity effectively. Some of them are:


  • Intralipoterapia : the alternative to liposuction (treatment that is much more aggressive and involves going through the operating room), with which we can combat localized adiposity in a non-invasive way.
  • Mesotherapy Draining : it is applied in case of fluid retention.
  • Specific massages to drain fat .


On the other hand, to combat the abdominal flaccidity that appears with the passage of the years we can resort to the body tension threads, which achieve a natural, efficient and 100% compatible with our body.


For more information consult your cosmetic doctor .

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By Dra. Maria José Maroto
Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Maroto is dedicated to medicine since 1990. It combines the aesthetic medicine with homeopathic medicine. It specializes in integrative medicine aesthetic, antiaging, facial, body and hair medicine, cosmetic dermatology treatments and pre- and menopause. In 2014 he received the Professional Excellence Award by the Institute for Professional Excellence. The doctor, who has conducted numerous training courses within their specialty, is responsible for the Department of Aesthetic Medicine Integrative Medicine (CMI) Clinic.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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