How to communicate in a relationship

Written by: Esther Miralpeix García
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
Edited by: Noelia Pino García

Although men and women have a different way of seeing reality, you can communicate well if some circumstances are taken into account.


Specialists in psychology say that men are more likely to see things from a logical point of view and women from the point of view of feelings. In this sense, one can say that if you really listen to each other the relationship can be complementary.

However, the relationship may arise some difficulties in communication and should analyze how to overcome them.

  • One of the two tries to give an image of himself that does not correspond to reality. It is as if this person was invented a false identity. Besides it is difficult to communicate with someone "not authentic", it is also difficult for the one who is pretending to communicate in a real and authentic. The stress of having to simulate what is not and will not notice hinder communication. You can only communicate with your partner if you are willing to accept oneself better to get to show just as one is.
  • One of the two can not connect to the real feeling that at any given time causes him discomfort. There are people who face this difficulty tend to give rational explanations to their suffering but can not tune with their true pain. It is very difficult for the other person in the couple to help you overcome your discomfort and much more, to come to understand what is actually happening. You can only get out of that situation if the couple is willing to break free of the topics or half - truths sometimes say. It is necessary to clarify which closely reflect the real feelings that correspond to the situation that creates discomfort are.
  • No authentic dialogue. One waits for the other to finish speaking to his explanation, but not really listening to the other. That is, an exchange of information does not occur in what you say wide or modifies what the other and vice versa. It is as if they had only a clash of egos. It is lost then what is the wealth of communication. an emotional distance is also created between the two sides of the couple. Should then analyze what happens, why not be interested in what your partner says.
  • Veering fear if the other person makes him suffer. Although not correspond with reality, people fear, often unconsciously, that if they open with your partner, it can use is intimate information against. This fear often stems from insecurities. People feel that if they are shown as they are to your partner, it's like show they are not perfect and that is something difficult to accept. It is possible to overcome these issues that create difficulties for couple communication. Be possible, then, enjoy the pleasant situation of intimacy and trust that provides the relationship.


Edited by Noelia García Pino

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
 Esther Miralpeix García

By Esther Miralpeix García

The psychologist Esther Miralpeix is ​​a renowned expert in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. He has spent 40 years working as a psychologist helping people trying to find solutions to their problems. He has participated in numerous conferences on psychology and communications presented several conferences organized by the EFPP (European Federation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy). And was a founding member in good standing of the Catalan Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (ACPP) from 1994-1997 and Minister of the adult section of the EFPP from March 1993 until May 1996 bring new perspectives to your life will help you open new Horizons.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection