How to increase and improve the shape of the buttocks with implants

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¿'s surgery buttock augmentation using implants


The surgery buttock or gluteal implants through - plasty involves giving the gluteus roundness been lost with the passage of time, with the change in weight or shape gluteus. Got roundness to not have both you dressed as nude look a buttock with a more beautiful way.

¿That type of prosthesis used for buttock augmentation


To improve the buttock shape and give you that we have discussed, we use implants cohesive gel silicone that give a sense of consistency while being soft and therefore have a very natural feel. Before less cohesive implants, with a soft gel, which left a natural form were used unless. Now I think we have reached perfection in buttock implants, we can choose the volume, thickness and shape you want depending on the morphology of the patient.

¿That guarantees offered by prosthetic buttocks


All silicone gel implants currently have outstanding warranty. This does not mean that over time and no new technologies will improve, an example to understand would compare a TV now with 10 years ago. Not that we bad implants we used 10 years ago but technologically advanced and currently have the guarantee of the implant is very high, especially when the replacement. Think that an implant, either buttock as breast, has an expiration date, you have to make some assessments, x-rays and a change when he plays but there must be clear that do not expire.

¿What anesthesia is used for this intervention


The type of anesthesia used to increase buttock is truncal, ie only anesthetize a body part, in our case the navel down like the anesthesia used in childbirth. So we got a patient recovery much faster. We operate asleep, administering a sedative, but avoided elimination recovery from anesthesia and thus the nausea, the vomiting and malaise.

¿What is the recovery time required


After any surgery and specifically the gluteus - plasty is very important to be very disciplined in the first week and follow signs to the plastic surgeon. In our case, the first 48 hours the patient is admitted to the clinic and goes home with biker shorts type girdle to keep the buttock in place and prevent the inflammation will more. From this first week has passed the highest risk, immediately after surgery, and 30 days and when recovery will meet the patient can lead a normal life including sport, social life and even cycling. It is not a surgery that invalidates the patient for a long time, calculate from one week to ten days.

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By Dr. Agustín Blanch
Plastic surgery

Doctor Specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reparative Surgery at the University of Milan (Italy). Obtained first place in the "Italian National Opposition Competition" to attend the Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic and Reparation Specialty with a scholarship from the Italian Ministry of Universities at the University of Milan, being the first member of the non-Italian European Economic Community to achieve this . Dr. Blanch is also a recognized Professor since 2006 of the Università Degli Studi di Milano, Catedra di Chirurgia Plastica e Recosttrutiva.

Expert in facial aesthetic surgery and facial aesthetic medicine, pioneer of otoplasty technique EarFold without surgery.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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