Keys on Mastopexia or breast lift surgery

Written by: Dr. Pedro Pérez-Escariz Sánchez
Published: | Updated: 13/11/2018
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What is mastopexy?

The mammary pexia is the technique we use to correct breast ptosis, which is the fall of the chest.


How is your procedure?

Regarding the procedure or treatment of that breast ptosis we can divide it into a simple pexia, in which the breast is repositioned in its original situation, or a pexia with increase. This technique also allows us to offer the patient the correction or even improvement of their breast characteristics prior to the ptosis situation.


What peculiarities does it present?

In this treatment, the surgeon must make an effort to know in what vital moment the patient is and the aesthetic desires of the patient. It is not only about correcting a situation that we like but we can offer the patient new perspectives. In cases in which the breast has deteriorated due to pregnancy, we can take advantage, not only to restore its shape, but to offer the patient the possibility of rejuvenating the breast.

How do we do that rejuvenation? Logically, we can provide volume through a breast prosthesis and in turn decrease the size of the areola to achieve a more youthful aspect of it. In these cases we must consider a pexy with increase and a rejuvenation of the breast.


How is the postoperative?

The post operative operation of mammary pexia consists of one night of admission to the clinic where we have UVI, we have a doctor on call 24 hours a day, and the possible pain of the first 24 hours is controlled. Then they must wear a bandage for a week that we put in the operating room and that is tailored to fit that patient.

Later he has to make different visits to the consultation and the only thing we ask is a period of rest, which is around two months, in which he should not do violent exercises with his arms.

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By Dr. Pedro Pérez-Escariz Sánchez
Plastic surgery

Degree in medicine and surgery from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Dr. Pedro Sanchez Perez-Escariz has a long formation which extends in the most prestigious hospitals in Europe and the United States. Your cosmetic surgeon specialization has led him to be the author of several chapters in books on the subject and participated in numerous forums and conferences. Dr. Pérez-Escariz also has an experience of 30 years and is currently working as a plastic surgeon Unit of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery IBERMUTUAMUR (Central Services of Madrid).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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