Cistitis de repetición: Pautas preventivas y vacunas

Written by: Dr. José Díaz Bermúdez
Edited by: Alicia Arévalo Bernal


Cystitis is a pathology that affects a large part of the population and can become repetitive. As Dr. Diaz Bermúdez, an expert in urology and laparoscopic surgery, cystitis is more common in older women but is also common in young, sexually active women.

Repeat urinary infections are a frequent occurrence, especially in women when they are older and have problems with incontinence and cystocele , which is the protrusion of the urinary bladder over the anterior wall of the vaginal canal.

Although it is also common in young women with active sex life and can occur for various reasons. The problem arises when there is any alteration of the urinary tract. If there is not but the person's immunity is affected there is also risk. In these cases, the possibility is so frequent in men as in women.

Similarly, it occurs when the patient is attacked by a very aggressive bacterial strain, and in these cases it can happen that these people begin to suffer cystitis behind another, with relative frequency.

Cystitis is also common in young women with active sex lives. 


Prevention to avoid cystitis

As is to be expected, this alters their quality of life and treatment with antibiotics, even when correct, when cystitis is repeated will not be efficient. The consequence of repeated use is that resistance to the different types of antibiotics is produced by the bacteria.

The solution that Urologists are currently considering, mainly for older men (who are already starting to have a large prostate) and especially for women is prevention .

In principle, it is very important to incorporate strict hygiene guidelines into our routine:


  • Drink about 2 liters of water per day.
  • Always urinate after intercourse.
  • Wear underwear that transpires.
  • Avoid abusive use of antibiotics.
  • Avoid constipation with a correct fiber-rich diet.


The vaccine for cystitis

There is an alternative to antibiotics when they are not effective, such as the use of antiseptics in a single dose , in circumstances such as after a coitus or with daily recurrence in more severe cases. The next step if you do not find positive results are the vaccines .

The vaccine for cystitis is the great novelty of the pharmaceutical industry within this pathology, since it has a high efficiency, does not generate problems like antibiotics and does not generate resistance. They are antibacterial vaccines that are linked with a molecule, a mordant, and that are applied orally, that is to say, they are simple droplets that are taken in fasting orally. The effect they produce is to activate the individual's defenses against certain bacteria. They achieve a very high efficacy rate that will prevent the use and abuse of antibiotics.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. José Díaz Bermúdez

Renowned specialist in Urology, Dr. Diaz Bermudez is an expert in laparoscopic surgery and prostate cancer, among other treatments of the urinary tract of women and men. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Santiago de Compostela, made a formative stay in Urodynamics Unit and Functional Urology in the Puigvert Foundation in Barcelona. Currently she combines private practice with the work of urologist at the Galician Health Service. Author and contributor to various chapters of books and articles published in scientific journals of national and internationally. In addition, he is Member of the Galician Society of Urology and the Spanish Society of Urology.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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