Refractive laser surgery against defects of refraction

Written by: Dr. Ramón Ruiz Mesa
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Laser refractive surgery is the most common procedure currently used, among those used to eradicate refractive errors.


Laser refractive surgery is used to correct refractive defects in the eyes Any refractive error can be treated by laser. They range from myopia to astigmatism , passing through hyperopia , although by number and prevalence, myopia is the most-treated defect. It can even be used to compensate for the defect of presbyopia .


Benefits and risks of laser refractive surgery

Practically from the moment in which the intervention is performed, the patient has the possibility of being able to carry out his normal daily life, both at work and in hobbies, without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Regarding the risks involved in the intervention, like any surgical procedure of any pathology and specialty, it is not free of risks. The technology that is available today, however, minimizes the incidence of major problems in an extraordinary way.


Recovery after the intervention

The patient, as has been mentioned previously, can lead a normal life, but although he does not wear glasses or contact lenses, he still has a myopic or farsighted eye with regard to the ocular structure.. Therefore, an annual review should be carried out in a preventive manner, just as if it had not been intervened.

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By Dr. Ramón Ruiz Mesa

Dr. Ruiz Mesa from 2004 to this position as Medical Director of the Joint Eye Clinics OFTALVIST CIO JEREZ, with 7 clinics and 17 ophthalmologists, which develops a surgical activity superior to the 1,200 procedures a year. In addition, Dr. Ruiz Mesa is an active researcher who has participated and participates in different ( national and internacioneales ) multicenter studies on premium lenses.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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