Laser surgery for varicose veins

Written by: Dr. Carlos Lisbona Sabater
Published: | Updated: 22/06/2022
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What is laser varicose vein surgery?

It is a technique to eliminate large varicose veins without the need to practice the old technique of stretching and tearing. It consists simply of introducing a catheter inside the veins with a 600 micron optical fiber that seals the vein from within without the need to remove it.

What advantages does it have compared to conventional surgery?

The main advantages are: it is a technique that can be performed on an outpatient basis, whose result is absolutely aesthetic and whose recovery due to low aggressiveness is immediate, practically at 24 hours the patients can make normal life and is a technique that does not cause pain or discomfort in the postoperative period that limits the normal activities of people

Can all types of varicose veins be treated with this technique?

Basically the varicose susceptible to be treated are those with venous insufficiency, the large varicose veins. We speak of a technique that replaces perfectly well and with a completely safe treatment and a definitive result to the old technique of stretching and tearing varicose veins. Therefore, any varicose vein that must go to an operating room, which must be treated by surgery, must be treated with laser surgery .

Is the treatment or surgery of varicose veins by this technique definitive?

Yes, the result is final. It is comparable to the old technique that eliminated varicose veins but by stretching and tearing, therefore, we have an aggressive zero final result, aesthetic and fully comparable. It must be taken into account, that this technique is imposed all over the world, in all the recent world congresses, more modern and with the best specialists in vascular surgery , we talk about varicose laser surgery, exclusively, as an adapted and adopted technique to replace the traditional technique.

What type of anesthesia will be used?

We use a spinal anesthesia , which only sleeps the legs, because as it is a technique that can be applied on an outpatient basis, the patient if he wishes and his varicose veins allow it, it is not essential that he stays in the clinic, we try an anesthesia that is the least aggressive possible. Although in the operating room is always with a sedation that accompanies the serum that is put to all patients in the operating room and thus remains always relaxed and rested.


Do I need some recovery time after surgery?

Any surgery needs some recovery time. This varicose laser surgery , as it is ambulatory, the recovery time is minimal. The patients are operated one day and the next morning the bandage can be removed, they walk with an elastic stocking and from that moment they go up and down stairs, they go to the purchase, they drive, they travel back to their cities, they can go by plane, by train, therefore the recovery is practically at 24 hours. Always with the exception of some cases that need some more days, 2 or 3 days of recovery, before reincorporarse to the very demanding work activities.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Carlos Lisbona Sabater

By Dr. Carlos Lisbona Sabater
Vascular Surgery

Co-founder of the art in laser surgery of the ELAV varices ( Endo Laser Ablation Veins ) is the foremost expert in this treatment. Professor, author of papers and books, is a leader in the specialty.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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