Intimate female surgery

Written by: Dra. Montserrat Salvador López
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The hypertrophy of the labia minora, that is to say that they come out from the labia majora, being visible, is a perfectly normal and frequent anatomical variant, although aesthetically it is not to the liking of the woman. The indication of the surgery is always aesthetic .

When the labiaplasty or reduction of the labia minora is done, what we are looking for is that they remain inside the labia majora, perfectly covered. It certainly improves the aesthetics and also the comfort of the patient , especially when it comes to wearing tight clothes, playing sports and disinhibition in their sexual relations.

The most frequent is to make a labiaplasty of reduction of the labia minora especially in young women. With age and childbirth occurs that increases flaccidity and sagging of the lips, and even appear more pigmented, and this adds to the loss of fat from the labia majora, which still makes the problem more visible.

In these cases, in addition to cutting the mucosa of the inner lips, lipofilling or lipotransference of autologous fat is performed in the pubis achieving an important genital rejuvenation .

In less frequent cases, there may be a hypertrophied clitoris protruding with a large cap. The surgery in these cases consists of fixing the clitoris in depth and also cutting the cap.

Female intimate surgery

The usual intimate surgery consists of performing, under local anesthesia -which is applied directly in the area-, more sedation so that it is relaxed and does not feel pain at any moment, the clipping using the Zplastias technique of the excess of labia minora protruding towards outside and it is visible in the pubis. It can be cut more or less according to the tastes. There is no risk of altering the sensitivity .

It is a surgery that is done on an outpatient basis , that is, after the procedure the patient will go home accompanied. The surgery lasts about 30-40 minutes .

Post-operative female intimate surgery

It is not painful, if a bit uncomfortable , because it bothers a little while walking and sitting for the first three days. Swelling in the area occurs, so we recommend that ice be abused in the immediate postoperative period. You have to moisturize the points very well and we prescribed a week of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

After 7-10 days we remove the stitches, with which the discomfort disappears. Sport and sexual relations after 3 weeks. Usually after 2-3 days you can join your work life .

The result of the surgery is excellent because if we value the cost-benefit ratio, it wins without a doubt. I would say that if it is an issue that worries you and limits your usual routine, you should solve it because it is fast, easy, simple and with very good results.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Montserrat Salvador López
Plastic surgery

Dr. Salvador López is one of the most recognized specialists. She dedicates herself exclusively to facial and body aesthetic surgery and to breast reconstruction as a plastic surgeon at the prestigious Corachan Clinic in Barcelona. His experience has also made him part of the Breast Cancer Committee of the same center. His areas of interest are cosmetic surgery, microsurgery, breast reconstruction and lower limb reconstruction. Likewise, she also works at GinePlástica, the female intimate surgery unit at the Corachán Clinic.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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