Acoustic neuroma surgery

Written by: Dr. Roberto Martínez Álvarez
Edited by: Top Doctors®

¿What is an acoustic neuroma


neuromas are usually benign tumors in relation to the nerves. Either from the central nervous system, in that case it is the cranial nerves, or located on the periphery of the central nervous system throughout the body. These tumors initially lead to hearing loss, vertigo, then a decrease in sensitivity in the face and, below, and depending on the size to be reached, lead to instability problems.

¿, consisting in radiosurgery treatment by


The radiosurgery is a technology that allows one session administered in very high doses of radiation at a particular point in the brain. Treatment with gamma knife radiosurgery allows a very precise irradiation of the lesion avoiding administering high doses of radiation at the tumor periphery. Thus, it is much easier later if surgery is necessary.

¿are the advantages over other treatments


First, it is a noninvasive procedure that avoids the risk inherent to any surgical intervention for patients. Also, thus avoiding damage to the peripheral structures that must be performed in some operations. And, especially in the case of neuromas, we can avoid the damage to the facial nerve that is very attached to these tumors and in a high percentage of cases after affects of a conventional intervention. Furthermore, in those patients who retain the audition we can, up to 70 % of cases, maintaining a useful hearing in these patients.

Here is the case of a neurinoma of a given size, which intervened and a small rest stay adhered to the facial nerve. If he had removed the remaining patient had developed a paralysis of the facial nerve. In a second step we try avoiding these remains to grow and produce new problems.

¿, can be used to treat all types of tumors, whatever their size or typology, or is there any case that can not be applied ?

You can treat lesions up to 5 cubic feet, slightly larger than this injury, but based on an increase in the volume of these lesions, the possible ways of getting a tumor control, ie prevent them from growing or even get a reduction thereof, are lower.

¿, The radiosurgery has some kind of side effect


Side effects of this technology are estimated essentially the uncertainty in cases in which the tumor grows despite treatment. In these cases patients have to go to a surgery in approximately 50 % of situations. Other side effects are related to a reaction of tissue called peripheral edema appears. Specifically, patients treated neuromas, and in our experience about something more than 900 patients, the possibility of developing edema is 5 % of cases and the mortality has been nil.

Finally, there neuromas in 2% of cases who develop hydrocephalus after treatment. Hydrocephalus means that cavities containing cerebrospinal fluid within the brain dilate, called ventricles. If it is so, in three quarters of cases, you have to put what is a valve, ie, a connection between the ventricles and the peritoneum generally for absorption of liquids. It is a simple and very common intervention in the world of neurosurgery.

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Dr. Roberto Martínez Álvarez

By Dr. Roberto Martínez Álvarez
Neurological Surgery

Dr. Roberto Martinez Alvarez is an internationally recognized neurosurgeon. It is made in different countries, licensed with outstanding qualifications and over 30 years of experience in the specialty. It is one of the leading experts in brain radiosurgery; that is why he has published papers in medical and scientific journals of international reputation and belongs to various medical associations.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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