Abdominal wall surgery: indications and results

Written by: Dr.Prof. Alfredo Moreno Egea
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Surgery of the abdominal wall through Abdominoplasty can permanently repair any hernia or abdominal flaccidity, recovering a flat stomach. It is recommended in women who have gone through various births and overweight men with localized both.

Surgery of the abdominal wall: what it is

Many people have a weak abdominal wall (flabby tummy). It occurs especially after multiple pregnancies in women and in men with localized some overweight.Cosmetic treatments are very expensive, they do not get a good result and require many sessions and dedication. Surgery can repair immediately and permanently any small hernia the navel and back muscles of the abdominal wall to its initial position, as they had in youth.


Intervention technique of abdominal wall

The most profitable surgery is called classical Abdominoplasty. By a horizontal incision just below the mark bathing suit a large ellipse fat and excess skin is removed. The navel is separated from the skin and leaves loose in your situation to repair any hernia. Also, the entire roof surface is separated until ribs and stretched all the way down to close the scar and leave a flat stomach. Thus the separate rectus muscles are returned to their medial situation. There are other less invasive ways to repair the wall, but most of the time do not get the same benefit. However, the general surgeon will inform you of your chances, according to his own case.


What kind of patients is indicated abdominal wall surgery?

Anyone who has a small hernia and / or abdominal wall with localized fat may benefit from the operation. Any person, man or woman, regardless of age, having excess abdominal skin (with folds and wrinkles), excess fat in your abdomen, a disproportionate abdomen with the rest of his body, a separate abdominal muscles and weak (diastasis recti) or a bad image of your abdomen, can consult to change your abdominal situation and see her smooth flat belly. The benefits are many:- Elimination of all excess skin and fat tissue (which promotes better hygiene and less skin infections)- Strengthening the muscular structures of the abdominal wall- Reconstruction of the navel- Correction of a possible umbilical hernia associated- Removal of scars from previous operations- Waist reduction, with improved shape and contour the abdomen- Improved muscle tone (lower weight, better position and ambulation)


Problem solving surgery of the abdominal wall

Good planning of each case can solve many problems, even many in a single surgery:- Inguinal hernia that has failed again (there are cases with more than 5 or 6 recurrences)- Navel hernia has also failed several times and have given inoperable- Hernias by previous surgery or trauma- Localized obesity or significant sagging- Presence of stretch marks and skin with many grooves or folds- Misshapen scars can be hidden or resect- Vascular lesions or tumors that disfigure the skin extensive image of the person

In any case, the important thing is to apply a correct assessment of your abdomen by an experienced surgeon and accreditation.


Results of surgery of the abdominal wall

The results can be spectacular. From overnight a woman with abdominal problems, after 2 or 3 births and navel hernia, you may again have a nice flat abdomen. Also, a middle-aged man with a sagging tummy can return to work with a new abdomen and totally tense. A person with multiple scars and adhesions can return to a normal skin tummy. The clinical and aesthetic result is very striking. But do not forget that the key element is placed in the hands of a sincere team with proven experience.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr.Prof. Alfredo Moreno Egea

By Dr.Prof. Alfredo Moreno Egea

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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