Feminization surgery

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For any woman it is relatively easy nowadays to propose to enter the operating room, but what happens when, for whatever reasons, someone has decided in a body of man to look as much as possible to that of a biological woman?

What is feminization surgery?

There is a kind of complex process that we call "Feminization", which can last for many years in some cases and obviously at a high cost. The process of feminization is an adequate plan for each patient in order to feminize the facial features and body contour.

A medical research is carried out indicating the possibilities that, according to each patient, can be treated from the simplest to the most complex. Generally, the treatment of feminization begins at an early age with psychological and hormonal analysis, followed by the most obvious changes. They may be permanent or reabsorbable injectable fillers to soften or shape angular areas of the face and body. Or also the cantopexy of lower eyelids to tear a little the eyes, although the most common could be the raising of eyebrows.

A basic surgery is the removal of thyroid cartilage to soften the Adam's nut. You can always use chin and cheek implants with prostheses or fillers.

Another common problem is the inflow that is done at an early age in the frontal area so that a zetaplasty of the hair region of this region shortens the distance of the entries of the hair and the forehead.

In plastic surgery , the most commonly performed operations could be without a doubt breast augmentation and liposuction for both women and men. Of course one of the major surgeries is breast augmentation and rhinomodeling.

Something less recurrent but with a great result is the increase gluteus with prosthesis or with threads and / or autologous grease used of a previous liposculpture by zones. One could speak of extracting ribs 11 and 12 to better shape the lower back and waist area, although sexual reassignment will in many cases be the end of this long way to go.

What results can be expected?

In a high percentage if this process of feminization at the right time begins, the results are amazing and practically it would be impossible at first sight to notice this change.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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