Body contouring surgery: treatment against sagging

Written by: Dr. Pedro Cormenzana Olaso
Published: | Updated: 12/11/2018
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What techniques involves body contouring surgery? What does it consist on?

Body contouring surgery is one chapter of plastic and cosmetic surgery that covers all techniques to correct sagging of the trunk and extremities. The most important techniques are the tummy tuck, the abdominoflancoplastia and thigh lift or cruroplasty and arm lift or brachioplasty. These techniques are designed to correct, to remove excess skin or sagging skin, which is mainly caused by weight loss and also by the aging process itself.


What type of patients is recommended?

Body contouring surgery is applied in patients with flaccidity. This sagging happens in a natural way with the passage of time or aging, but especially after significant weight loss. As for the tummy tuck, which would be the surgery of the abdomen, it is perhaps the most common and will be done very regularly in women, since due to pregnancy, the abdomen suffers some consequences consisting of excess skin and a muscle strain. Abdominoplasty involves removing excess skin, repair or tighten your abdominal muscles that are transferred and optionally correct moderate excess fat, never overweight, by liposuction.


What kind of preparation is done before surgery?

The selection of patients or candidates techniques for body contouring surgery requires only requirement other than patients without overweight. Overweight contraindicate such interventions and to perform any type of stretching the thighs or arms or trunk surgery, tummy tuck or abdominoflancoplastia we must have a patient in a normal weight. If you have overweight should previously, losing weight through diet or in cases of obesity through bariatric surgery techniques because it is necessary that the layer of fat or adipose tissue have a very small to adequately perform the removal of excess skin thickness .


What is the postoperative? It is painful?

Interventions body contouring surgeries are interventions medium or large. We talk about interventions that can last three, four or five hours and sometimes combined interventions are made. Nevertheless, with advanced techniques and careful patient management; Postoperatively it is relatively simple. They are not surgeries that cause pain, just a discomfort that cope with analgesics and anti-inflammatory especially the first week and recovery is being produced between the first and second week, when already removing end points. The patient from the day gets out of bed and walk. It should not take a rest, it is not convenient and postoperative can say that is bearable, it's not a complicated surgery.

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By Dr. Pedro Cormenzana Olaso
Plastic surgery

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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