Breast augmentation surgery with implants anatomical polyurethane

Written by: Dr. Pedro Cormenzana Olaso
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Have a nice chest is the desire of many women. Currently there are different types of prostheses that increase, enhance and define the shape of the breast. Choosing the most effective is a key to get the best result without running any risk.


Breast surgery: breast augmentation

breast operation The main part in breast augmentation surgery with implants is anatomical implant selection. During the first visits to the doctor's Plastic Surgeon a study is conducted and measures are carried out tests to, with greater reliability, choose the model of implant and its volume.

The type of implant and its volume depends on the complexion of the female body and the result sought to be obtained.

Anatomical implants textured or textured surface, the traditional surface have an index of displacement and / or rotation of 5%, meaning that there will be reoperated in the event that happen. This movement of the implant may occur because the textured surface does not adhere properly.


Breast augmentation with implants polyurethane

However, the surface of implants coated with polyurethane guarantees 100% adherence which avoids the problem of mobilization.

Because of this important difference postoperative rules they are less strict. It suffices wear a sports bra for one month and can make sport and normal life from the 3rd week.

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By Dr. Pedro Cormenzana Olaso
Plastic surgery

Eminent specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in San Sebastian, Dr. Cormenzana, has extensive experience in this field and is the legacy of a series of surgeons. For over 20 years, he is dedicated to Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine.

It is active in the Gipuzkoa Polyclinic. His rigor and professionalism are backed by its extensive surgical experience and extensive curriculum. Impeller in Spain of the application of the latest advances in body contouring surgery, has spread his knowledge in many congresses, meetings and symposiums. Member of the most respected scientific societies belonging to his specialty, both national and international.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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