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Written by: José Antonio Bové Pérez
Published: | Updated: 18/11/2018
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As director of the Toni Bové Physical Therapy Center, I would like to present our Center and our work philosophy. I have been a Diploma in Physiotherapy and DUE, for thirty-two years I am the FCBarcelona Physiotherapist in the Basketball section and I also work as a physiotherapist in the Spanish Olympic Committee, participating in the last eight Olympic Games .

The philosophy of the center is the same as that applied in the world of sports: fast, quality and effective. We perform a globalized and moving recovery, trying to customize each case according to the requirements of each patient because it is not the same for a young person with an ankle problem who has to practice sport immediately and with high performance, than the one he needs recover from that same injury to have quality of life.

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Offering a fast, quality and effective physiotherapy is the main value of the Toni Bové Physical Therapy Center 

We are very clear that our best weapon of work are hands and we help ourselves with magnetotherapy, deep diathermy (indiba / tecar), laser, ultrasound and the whole range of therapeutic currents, without forgetting the exercises, also with the aquatic work that It is of great help to us along with the ice.

We must also bear in mind that a good recovery must be complemented with a subsequent rehabilitation, to put the injured part as it was before the injury and also adapted to the needs of the patient. We like, as I said before, to make the recovery tailored to the patient, the injury and time.

For this reason, in many situations our guidelines are not daily, but are protocolized according to the evolution of the injury. We perform private treatments and for most mutuals in this country.


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By José Antonio Bové Pérez
Physical therapy

It is an eminence with over 30 years experience as a physical therapist. Specialist in Orthopaedics and Sports Psychology. He is a member of the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists Basketball since 1982 and is the nurse and physiotherapist FC Barcelona basketball team. He is also a contributor to the Medical Commission of the Spanish Olympic Committee.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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