Lumineers Veneers:improve the smile without pain

Written by: Dra. Christiane Carvalho
Edited by: Top Doctors®

More and more people are coming to our dental clinic demanding aesthetic solutions to improve the color and position of teeth. In the field of dental esthetics one of the advances are Lumineers veneers.

These veneers emerged in North America (California ), since there exists a very demanding requirements of dental aesthetics. In Clinica Dental Art& Dent have two providers:one in Switzerland and one in North America



¿What are Lumineers


It is a system that allows us to change the patient's smile a minimum period of time, no anesthesia, no wear down their teeth without interim. Veneers are having a minimum thickness ( as a contact lens ) and adapted to each of your teeth giving the right color and shape without reducing the tooth.

The Lumineers veneers are translucent, which gives them the ability to replicate the natural appearance of the enamel. The material they are made ​​is very resistant to wear; are ceramic sheets that are customized for each patient, have a High resistance, are as thin as a contact lens, because the thickness is about 0.3 mm.

They fulfill the same function as the classic porcelain veneers, with the advantage not to scrub the tooth, so the treatment is minimally invasivo.Necesita a visit to take action and another to place Lumineers® ;.

The process does not hurt anything at all, requires no anesthesia and no provisional. These dental veneers will not stain or darken and are very natural.Once applied the latest dental veneer and finished treatment in Art& Dent, we will deliver a Lumineers certificate verifying its authenticity and garantia.Ya has available the possibility of wearing the smile of the stars. in Valencia. In Art& Dent.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dra. Christiane Carvalho

By Dra. Christiane Carvalho

The Dr. Carvalho has a degree in dentistry from the University CEU San Pablo de Valencia. He completed his training with a postgraduate course in implants COEC (Barcelona ), certified by the UCLA Clinical Implatologia course and a postgraduate degree in Endodontics. It has, moreover, with the Certidicado of Lumineers Veneers.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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