Dental veneers, a cosmetic solution to a perfect smile

Written by: Dra. Almudena Magán Moya
Published: | Updated: 02/05/2023
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Veneers, dental cosmetic treatment for modifying the shape, color, size and even the position of the teeth

The Dentistry offers various types of veneers depending on the material we use for making them, this will be based on the aesthetic requirements of the case. Each material and technical needs a different type of tooth preparation. In some cases a pre-cut tooth is necessary. It is a very discreet and minimally invasive carved. In other cases, the milling is not required and the tooth remains intact under veneers, fully conservative treatment option becomes reversible.

Veneers are used in dentistry to cover interdental spaces and fractures or correct the shape of the teeth, or whiten enlarge them. The duration of veneers varies according to the patient characteristics and the material used, although it is a treatment that remains long term.


Dental veneers, the procedure

Treatment with veneers requires a previous study, a diagnostic wax on models before being transferred to the patient's mouth as planned. Tooth preparation is performed with a minimally invasive carved in the cases necessary, taking impressions, placement of temporary, ending with the direct bonding of the veneers in the mouth. The process requires local anesthesia soft but never painful.

Best for the maintenance of veneers is a good periodontal health, it is important for proper and consistent oral hygiene and the control of possible problems of occlusion or occlusal trauma, also avoiding overloads. In many cases we recommend the use of myorelaxation splints to cushion the possible tensions on veneers.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Almudena Magán Moya

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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