Dental veneers for a new smile

Written by: Dr. Alfonso Arellano Cabornero
Edited by: Top Doctors®


What are veneers? What is your function?

Veneers are probably the most aesthetic treatment that we can now make our patients in consultation. It is a treatment increasingly demanded by the population, which is primarily to redesign, modify the smile tooth to tooth to create a new, more harmonized with the face by applying a thin layer on the surface look much nicer of the affected teeth to create a whole that smile we all want and that is so nice. It is a very conservative procedure that allows the tooth almost without being manipulated gets a new look that will meet that demand aesthetic society today appreciates so much and valued as. The function of the veneers is therefore help us provide our patients with those changes, those adjustments, those possibilities to restore some of the problems most commonly occur, such as unpleasant colors of teeth, some appropriate positions, teeth with forms that are not very harmonious or that are not satisfactory for the patient's face. Finally, it is getting a new smile modifying each tooth those small details that are perceived from the outside and without affecting their structure without damaging it and without altering in any way their behavior for chewing.


What types of veneers there? Which is the best option?

Veneers can be made today with various methods and different materials. The growing demand is allowing different companies offer us new resources and among them are now easier availability of some materials with a reasonable aesthetic performance, which can be purchased as prefabricated and we would adapt to each tooth. The problem with these materials is that we will not always have an alternative for each patient. On the other hand is the best known and highest patient satisfaction is individualized by using ceramic or composite resins high performance solution which each tooth needs and build a smile set to finally resolve defects or problems the patient has. This is undoubtedly the most satisfactory alternative and is the most demanded today. Made of ceramics, as I said, or if not high-performance composite resins.


When are recommended veneers?

Veneers are having multiple treatment indications, and in principle can be performed at any time throughout the life of the patient. It depends on what the patient needs us request. It may be a child who has a broken tooth, requiring a satisfactory aesthetic restoration, or may be a teenager, it can be a middle-aged person. It will depend in any case of patient demand, its aesthetic aspiration and basic problem. This is probably the most important condition. The various problems such as color or inappropriately, teeth unwilling, or even after orthodontic treatment where they have regained their position but not yet satisfactory aspect that we would like, that is the situation where the veneers will give us a special highlight and will culminate this aesthetic desire for a face lit by a beautiful smile. In principle are versatile treatments we can do at any time of life with this desirable, easy to get, we will improve the appearance of each tooth and the set of teeth result.


What kind of monitoring should be performed during treatment with veneers?

Veneers are a restorative treatment, in addition to modify the look and very successfully to get solve the vast majority of aesthetic problems that our patients complain, have other advantages. The first is that the teeth need very little manipulation, which makes life very long, so the restoration and the tooth, which possible future treatment needs for those teeth are not affected and that their maintenance is simple, the same as for a natural tooth, consisting of measures of personal hygiene, brushing, use of wire, etc., which indicates the professional and tell us what our hygienist. On the other hand, it is mandatory, as is logical, clinical monitoring of the evolution of the teeth themselves that ultimately will be the support, treatment and support material. A regular visit to see how it evolves and to implement any changes, brightening or simply improving the conditions of the gum, may be sufficient for this treatment to give us many years of satisfaction and social success with a much nicer smile and harmonious.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Alfonso Arellano Cabornero

Dr. Alfonso Arellano specializes in cosmetic dental treatments and restorative dentistry techniques minimally invasive and is an expert in the latest technologies with CAD / CAM systems and the use of new cosmetic dental bonding materials.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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