Lung cancer, one of the most frequent

Written by: Dr. Rafael Rosell
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Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer worldwide. Its main cause is the consumption of snuff, but this is not the only cause.

Experts in Medical Oncology say to the other causes should not downplay: exposure to asbestos, other carcinogenic chemicals such as uranium, beryllium, vinyl chloride, gasoline and products of combustion of diesel. Radon. Family history of lung cancer, arsenic in drinking water and radiotherapy to the lungs.


Types of lung cancer

First, it has to differentiate between cell tumors small cell and non-small cell tumors. In the latter case, there are several types, the most common: squamous or adenocarcinoma. It is necessary to know the mutational profile which is the dominant genetic alteration in the tumor, in order to offer appropriate treatment.

In general, thoracic tumors have pain, cough, weight loss without apparent cause, fatigue and loss of appetite. They can also cause dysphagia if they are close to the esophagus or hiccups when they involve the phrenic nerve. Paraneoplastic symptoms, which are totally nonspecific symptoms caused by substances produced by the tumor may also occur.


Lung cancer treatments

Nowadays and after many medical advances, there are five techniques that are very effective for the treatment of lung cancer.

  1. Surgical Surgery is a very powerful weapon whenever complete resection of the tumor is achieved.
  2. Chemotherapy is the treatment most used in 70% of patients with lung cancer in advanced stage.
  3. Radiation: Very useful in cases where there are committed and outside the affected lymph tumor, can also be used for palliation for pain management or control of a single focus that is in progress.
  4. Targeted therapies: The target targeted therapies or treatments are a type of small molecules. A drug capable of blocking a specific mutation and achieve control of the disease very rapidly and effectively administered.
  5. Immunotherapy: The most modern and revolutionary treatment. Recently, we have presented the results of clinical trials confirm that this type of treatment provides benefits in any type of lung tumor. However, it has to continue studying to know which patients can benefit from it and what time of treatment.

Immunotherapy Lung cancer is, today, a more manageable disease and where the patient can develop a somewhat normal life depending on the type of therapy that will be administered r.

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By Dr. Rafael Rosell
Medical Oncology

He is a specialist in oncology since 1982. Since then he has waged a tireless struggle in researching a cure for cancer. Dr. Rafael Rosell has earned a well-deserved respect among the scientific community, being a lecturer, while organizer of many of the most important seminars and conferences around the world. Special attention is the field of translational oncology large cell lung cancer. As Head of the Oncology Institute Dr. Rosell, he is working closely with our Laboratory of Molecular Oncology to provide diagnosis and treatments according to the genetic characteristics of each patient.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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