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Written by: Dr. Eric Margalet Romero
Published: | Updated: 08/11/2018
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Mean years of dedication and vocation, years of study, personal and professional development. A true passion to articulate our last frontier.

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Years ago, many did not give credit to our approach -and denied themselves and their patients the existence of certain pathologies that are today a reality and we can treat them arthroscopic. In the 30s they concluded several works on the inaccessibility of this joint is published. We have not only been able to access it, but also to improve access techniques, minimizing risks and complications, reducing surgical time and recovery process dramatically.

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I'm a hipster optimist who believes in what he does, he wants to learn and improve every day that passes, it does not yield to the difficulty and having the ability to treat each patient with the right techniques to improve their quality of life and prevent progression of his injury. Crazy work and dedication, honesty and professionalism. To innovate and be creative you have to be a little“mad”.

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I have had the great fortune of being able to devote myself to this work, vocational and passionate. I inherited my parents' work capacity and service, from whom I have learned so much in this life, and therefore merit is not mine, but they that sow in my what has grown over time. To me I can only give what I have received, to teach and share, do not ever forget my beginnings and all those who bet on me. Life goes on and each day begins, get up where you have fallen and continue forward. We can not be satisfied with what we know or we have developed, we must continue in this way to provide better results and better solutions for each of our patients. This leads surely to be one of the best centers worldwide in the treatment of several pathologies of the hip.

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This is a great adventure that allowed me to open other doors in my professional life, assisting and training other colleagues around the world, travel to different international hospitals practicing and developing my knowledge, personal form that tomorrow could try these pathologies worldwide. Have a great satisfaction to share with others your experience and knowledge. Being an international reference year to year, it is not easy as it involves providing a high level of demand and work. We receive cases from around the world who are looking for a hip joint solution to your problem. This makes us have to be up to date on cutting edge and innovation and give the best of each of us.

Let's talk about your current job, focusing on the reconstruction and preservation of the hip joint. & iquest;That is exactly


My constant battle is currently focused on the early diagnosis of mechanical hip injuries and diagnostic methods are the most effective. We are pioneers in the use of a pelvic sensor Free4Act that is placed on a belt to our patient, provides all necessary information on how to walk, length of each step, weight exerted on each of them, hip mobility in all axes, tilt and rotation of the pelvis and a number of parameters to understand the three-dimensional and dynamic articulation of this very complex. You have to diagnose the cause of the injury and correct. If the diagnosis is early, patients presenting with injuries and wear your surgical cartilage and worsens their prognosis. We are one of the three centers across Spain that we can treat these injuries with mesenchymal cells as a graft that are placed in the area where the chondral defect is obvious and the help of an accelerator / growth stimulator hyaline cartilage. This is certainly a big step in the actual surgery, as we are able to repair and regenerate damaged cartilage. This is our current goal: the preservation of the hip in its natural state, because we are able to treat complex lesions without implanting a prosthesis


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75 % of hip osteoarthritis due to a mechanical problem, not traumatic. That is;if the diagnosis had been made ​​early, could have been adequately treated arthroscopically. Some patients come when already instituted advanced joint degeneration in its. We are working in this way with an international team on a new device, Hip balloon, so that implanted arthroscopic hip can restore quality of life to our patients. It's certainly a hopeful road and innovative future. These ACCOMPANIED techniques already developed in our center as transplants and grafts labrum, secure access directly to subgluteo space to treat lesions of the pyramidal and the sciatic nerve, allow us to continue doing our bit to get beat these pathologies that affect both our patients and their lives.

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Dr. Eric Margalet Romero

By Dr. Eric Margalet Romero
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Eric Margalet is a great referent in hip arthroscopy and a leading member of major arthroscopy societies. Consultant surgeon and national and international opinion leader in hip arthroscopy. It is also authorized for the training of both surgeons and hospital centers and residents in training in arthroscopy, both national and international. He is the medical director and head of the Institut Margalet of Arthroscopic Surgery and Traumatology, located in the Creu Blanca Clinic.

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