Brachioplasty, which finishes with the lifting sagging arms

Written by: Dra. Begoña Martínez Santos
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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The surgery that is performed in a brachioplasty is simple and has few risks for the patient. Its benefits are both aesthetic and functional, especially for those who have lost excessive weight. After the intervention, the care of the scar takes on special importance.


Arm Lifting is a surgical technique used to remove excess fat from the flabby arms. The technique involves making an incision in the inner side of the arm. The advantage of this operation is that the expected results are visible almost immediately.

When reaching a certain age, both men and women, begin to observe a flaccidity in the upper arms, in these cases, where the lifting is indicated. In addition, it is also used in young patients who have suffered significant weight loss and who have a sagging skin in that area. The practice of lifting in these latter cases has become popular as a result of the increase in surgeries for weight reduction.

Pay attention to the scar

It is important to take care of the scar of the brachioplasty so that in the long run it is as little noticeable as possible. In minor cases, it is a line in the armpit. In contrast, in cases of great flaccidity, in addition to the armpit, there will be a scar line that will go from the inside of the arm to the elbow. The scar is designed so that the vertical line is not seen with the arm extended, neither in front nor behind .

After the surgery, the patient will have to wear some sleeves for three weeks that will help to make a compression, they will avoid the inflammation, and they will improve the scar. It is recommended that patients perform a series of care on the scar. These should be based on silicone bands and creams with rosehip to promote good healing.

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Dra. Begoña Martínez Santos

By Dra. Begoña Martínez Santos
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